Zombies Easter Egg (Mission) 11/28

So, I’m glad to see a few more players embracing the Zombie mode of Call of Duty, even if it’s just for the hell of it, but I’m looking for one, two or three potatos to spend a couple of hours on Saturday night with me trying to actually do the objectives and finish the mission.

I will be starting by 9pm on Saturday night, and it can take anywhere from an hour to 4 hours.

If interested message me on XBox Live between now and then, the first 3 that are interested will be informed and if something comes up and you can’t make it, let me know and I’ll go to the next potato.

If oyu’re new to this, or have tried and have had trouble, check out this forum post and/or the video.

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Can someone step up and run a 2nd (or possibly a 3rd) room if we get enough people? Could really use some help. Also, we can cross play this bitch.

@Destroyert1 and I can take a room. He hasn’t finished it but has made it to the last encounter, which is a bitch to beat.

you know im in done with family stuff today

@Destroyert1, @likelydragon1, Shorty and I managed to fuse the 2 halves of the Megaton together and make the doctor. Watched the cut scene and then we had a swarm of zombies and 3 Megatons hit us as soon as the doors to the computer room opened. Didn’t see that in any of the videos. We thought there was a good chance of finishing it since we had 3 Wonder Weapons.

We also had some good rounds with @HAWKLANDER and @Johneffinggalt.

Holy fuck this is complicated. We were close but no cigar.

So close I was seeing zombies when I closed my eyes to sleep that night
Still want to complete tho

Finally did it yesterday by level 18. Anytime you wanna try, as long as I have 2 free hours, hit me up. Obviously not before 7pm though.

I’ve updated the easter egg steps - easiest solo here also, if you wanna give it a try.

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I can always use a guided tour :grinning:

I’ll let you know, next time I’m on.