Xur 10/30

Location: Next to Lord Shaxx-Yer-Mom

The Taikonaut - Titan Helm
Graviton Forfeit - Hunter Helm
Alchemist’s Raiment - Warlock Chest
Zhalo Supercell - Primary Auto Rifle
Legacy Engram - Special Weapons

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While the links show as 310, I’m pretty sure Xur’s shit is only 280. So I’m not really even sure of the point of having Xur.

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Zhalo it is

Already have one. It’s ok for shits and giggles. Still prefer a Scout for PvE.

I only use Xur for 3oC and a couple of (Y2) engrams now.
Otherwise I’m not interested because I want 310 versions of exotics.

Actually I’m generally less interested in Exotic armour in Y2, between the perk changes and glass needle rerolls they seem to have made the perks so general they are nearly boring.

Only individual perk on the armour piece is the first one and that can even be lacklustre sometimes.

They nerfed Strange Coins so they’re not dropping. Same with Weapon Parts. I can’t even infuse / upgrade my existing guns.

They nerfed a ton again in the updates since TTK released. It feels like it’s back to getting the same useless crap over and over again after teasing us with way better drops when it first released.