[XBX1] Raiding party? any Raid 9pm


I know Valiant normally posts this, but figured I’d post for this week, since there isn’t one up yet and I have the house to myself this weekend. Really want to get at least 1 raid in, but I haven’t raided since the first Levi raid came out.

So who’s down to drag my ass through this shit? I’ll look up the mechanics to LW and the other one, so hopefully we won’t have to spend a ton of time explaining that to me.

I’ll likely be on most of the day Saturday, so I’m down for any time throughout the day.


thank you for putting this up…its been a crazy work week here…and of course that means my wife needs a date night saturday. Hopefully
@ezekielJP @Masonicmage and the other @destinyplayers will make the magic happen and everyone will make their 1000 voices heard


Definitely would be down for a raid on saturday


Sniper and Destroyer will be there.


I am down to raid, although I am in the same boat, I have not done any of the new raids. Count me in if you have room.


We made a valiant effort to finish the Heart Run but came up a few seconds short. Had 2 new players experience the Tater Raid though. A lot of fun had by all. Don’t be shy about signing up for it.


Pretty sure that was the definition of tater. Pretty sure I have a bruise from banging my head against the wall for 2 hours


I would like to finish this tonight if anyone is interested.


I’m a hard maybe