XBOX to see new Hardware @ E3

New console refresh and new controller. to comabt the PS4 4k model. 4k model xbox would be sweet. I would upgrade for that.

“Based on sources inside the company, expect to see new hardware at the event and there will also be a new standard controller that ships with the Xbox One. The company also has something else up its sleeve that I still don’t have all the details on but it’s a much bigger deal than an updated standard controller. The new standard controller will look similar to the current design, which isn’t too surprising, but will likely come in a new color. Considering that Microsoft currently ships a black controller, a white default design seems like a decent mid-cycle refresh for the console to help spur

“In addition to an updated standard controller, the company is exploring new interactions between the PC and the Xbox One to further extend the capabilities already present between the two (game streaming). Seeing as Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 on the desktop and Xbox one a ‘killer combination,’ they are looking to leverage the ecosystem to create unique experiences for games that are on other platforms too.”

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Only way I would upgrade is if it did all games in 4k.

Ok…pure speculation on my part, but here goes:

What if the interaction between PC and Xbox is to use the PC like they always said they’d use the cloud? More processing power? If they found some way to tap the PC’s power, that would be interesting for those of us with powerful PCs.

I think its way too soon for that. i see where you are going with the console almost being a dumb client to the PC but not sure they are their yet. there streaming on the reverse works good but its not great.

Plus i think that is a feature only people with viable PCs could take advantage of.

Not necessarily a dumb client, just a way to offload processing to the PC. More making the PC a secondary processor. However, I’m not sure that would work unless both were wired.

personally i am hoping for 4k and the true ability to play xbox games on PC and windows PC games on the xbox. Not streaming but local play and true cross platform.

I’m hoping for that as well - specifically the ability for PCs to host dedicated Ark Servers for XB1.

Ign posted this… pretty similar
E3 is fast approaching, and there are rumors Microsoft could be lining up a new hardware announcement at the show.

Microsoft insider Brad Sams wrote on, saying that he expects to see new hardware and a new controller at E3.

Unlocked 210: What the Xbox Elite Console Will and Won’t Do
Unlocked 210: What the Xbox Elite Console Will and Won’t Do
Citing Microsoft sources, Sams says the new controller will be similar in design to the current one, but will “likely come in a new color.”

Beyond the controller, Sams says the company has a “much larger hardware related announcement” coming which he doesn’t have all the details on yet. There are rumors it could be a new Elite Xbox One console