XBox Series X price beating PS5??

Rumors have it look like the XBox Series X maybe cheaper than PS5 by 100 bucks. It’ll be amazing if they come in at $400. Also, how much would the disk-less version be and will the specs be much different? I don’t really plan on buying disks anymore. Especially if I can continue to game share with my kid.

The rumor comes from Beyond3D forum user, Eastmen, who has inside information on the new Xbox consoles. “Last I heard it be half the price of the XSX and last I heard MS were prepared for a $400 XSX. I am not sure what the final price will be. I think if Sony is $500/$600 MS may try to go in at $200/$400/$500 but we will see.”

Microsoft will unveil more details about the Xbox Series X in July, and Eastmen shares more information about how Microsoft plans to tackle the event.

“July is about the industry and they want it to be a night of mic drops. They are going to come hard with the strategy they have been building up to for years and they want Google, Amazon, Apple, Sony, and yes Nintendo to shaken up. So expect a series of Mic drop moments followed by the price being the key part of all this.”

I’ll be going with disk-less when I buy. 98% of my games are digital now. $400 is a good price.

Rumors also state there could be 3 consoles launched. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of that. Either way, there may be a $500 version. Which I’d probably have to get.

The Xbox Series X was rumored today to be priced at approximately $400, while the Xbox Series S would cost just $200 USD. There’s a distinct possibility that there’ll be an Xbox Series X… plus… with higher-level specs than the Series X, much like the Xbox One X was a few streets ahead of the Xbox One, with an equivalent price jump. The Xbox Series X (plus) would cost around $500 USD.

I’ve been thinking about discless, but I still need a Blu-Ray Player…not ssure.

I’m probably alone here but I wouldn’t mind paying 600$ or so for the new xbox if it’s as good as they say it will be, everyone loves cheap sure but what is sacrificed to make it cheaper? I’d rather pay an extra 100 then less to have a very solid and reliable xbox that will run smoothly for years and look good than sacrificing something to make a better price point

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what he said! I’m fine with disc-less, but ghost overheats and other weird shit stopping my x from running at 100% are not cool…give me an xbox the works and i’ll pay a little x-tra (dad joke).

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Sad little man lol

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Disk less is cool with me. The numbers from the Xbox one and PS4 releases showed both Microsoft and Sony took losses on every console to make them affordable. If memory serves. I wonder how much wiggle room they have this release.

For me, it’s not about the price, it’s just about common sense. I don’t think that the cheaper version - if it’s just discless and nothing else - will be built less solid than the regular version. But if there is in fact a third top tier version, I will be buying it.

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