Xbox Series X boasts some impressive load times

We already knew that the Xbox Series X boasts improved load times for current-gen games when compared to Xbox One consoles, but now several journalists and outlets have published their thoughts on the Series X, we can see just how impressive the Series X is when it comes to loading a game.

The Verge’s Tom Warren has run his own tests with Xbox Series X and the Xbox One X and notes, “I’ve played a variety of games on this preview unit, testing load times, performance, and some of the new Series X features. I switched back to an older Xbox One X briefly during testing, and it was like going from cable internet back to the days of a 56k modem.”

Warren says that the most obvious improvement with playing existing games on the next-gen console is the much-improved loading times. A snippet of The Verge’s table seen below shows that the Xbox Series X manages to shave off over a minute of loading time from Sea of Thieves and Warframe compared to the Xbox One X. The Outer Worlds, which only takes around 27 seconds to load on a One X, loads up in a blisteringly fast six seconds on the Series X.

Game Xbox Series X Xbox One X
Red Dead Redemption 2 52 seconds 1 min, 35 seconds
The Outer Worlds 6 seconds 27 seconds
Sea of Thieves 20 seconds 1 min, 21 seconds
Warframe 25 seconds 1 min, 31 seconds
AC: Odyssey 30 seconds 1 min, 7 seconds
Destiny 2 43 seconds 1 min, 52 seconds

According to Warren, none of these games have been optimized for the Xbox Series X and the times you see in the table above are purely down to the Xbox Series X hardware and backwards compatibility support.

IGN has also got its hands on an Xbox Series X console where it revealed the Series X has about 800GB of internal storage space.

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