Xbox Series S has 364GB of usable storage space - report

According to a Reddit user, who has managed to get their hands on one of Microsoft’s next-gen consoles early, the Xbox Series S has just 364GB of storage space reserved for games and apps.

Redditor u/spead20, who says they received the Xbox Series S from Canadian retailer The Source a week before launch day, replied to a question asking about how much storage space from the console’s 512GB SDD would be available for games and apps. According to spead20, just 364GB will be usable. Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed, but that figure makes sense considering the Xbox Series X’s 1TB SSD has just 802GB of usable storage space after things like the operating system and system files are taken into account.

With game file sizes swelling in recent years, 364GB of space isn’t going to give you much room for games, especially if you’re a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player. If you don’t want to have to manage the storage space on the Xbox Series S constantly, you’re probably going to need to pick up one of those pricey 1TB SSD expansion cards for your next-gen games.

It’s worth remembering that Xbox One and older generation Xbox games can still be played from a USB external drive. Xbox Series X|S games can be stored on these drives too, but you’ll need to transfer them over to the console’s internal storage to be able to play them.

Why are they selling systems with anything that small anyway? 1TB should be the minimum. And that’s a lot of system files…

Keep the price down, its all about slimming down where they can and then using accessories to boost back up to what it should’ve cost.

So no native 4K and have to transfer games to an absurdly small HDD cause no play off USB support. Even for a price cost of $100 less I think that’s a fail. I guess we wait for the model E to come out that would be between the two, see if that’ll buy anything.

Ya id personally pay more for a large storage discless xbox