Xbox One questions ????

  1. Where do you find the download history on your box ?
  2. Why is the chat system so hard to use ?
  3. Why does my NAT show "open " in one match and shows " moderate " the next ?
  4. What are the best settings to use on the Xbox One while playing on a Samsung 40 in. Smart TV ?
  5. Where is Gunny ? Gunny’s sister ?
    6.Does Lala still believe that he is the "World Commander " ?
  1. From what I can tell there is no download history on the Xbox One itself. You can only tell what you have on the system and if you remove it you have to look it up again to download again

  2. They went backwards on chat and parties. They should have left it alone.

  3. Xbox does this. I don’t know if it is the games or what. GTA does it to me all the time.

  4. HDMI - 1080P The Xbox has a great feature for tuning in the color of your TV if you TV has the proper adjustments. This is something that has to be done manually and there really isn’t a set guide. It is personal preference mostly.

I can do it on my nicer Samsung, my budget unit doesn’t allow for the proper adjustments.

  1. Gunny who? His sister is at my house.

  2. Of course , but we all know he is Grex’s puppet.

That pic proves I’m World Commander! Welcome Back Hawlander!!!

Oh cool you have a dorrito over your head.


" Nacho Commander " ???


I would like to give this comment more than one thumbs up… I think that should be Lala’s new tag

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Probably NAT issues. Which can vary regardless how you have Port Forwarding set up. Sometimes the only fix is to unplug the power cord.

It may not be your XB1 though.

Could it be Xbox Live itself?