Xbox is back on the menu boys!

My Xbox one died a while back. I know all of you missed me so much /s.

But rejoice! For a new Xbox One X (the gears special edition) has arrived via the magical amazon courier system. I got it because it was actually less than the regular model, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the overall design. The controller is pretty cool also, I may actually have to play a gears of war game at some point.

Anyways, I’ll be back in Destiny once the 100gb download finishes. I’ll see you all gameside.


Welcome back!

Welcome back to the hell hole

Welcome back. Gears is a great co-op game.

Welcome back Amo. We will get your light back up in no time. Feel free to jump in the party.

Be careful @valiantvictory will give the first Destiny crack rock for free. The rest come at a price. He’s evil that way, I think @Grex changed him.

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Im there everyday…so much to do…I plan to get this season title and i will help anyone i can too @ExtraAmo

My light is actually at 950+, I have just been playing on PC…all alone. So the only thing I really need to catch up on is raid mechanics and any exotic quests I am still missing (wish-ender comes to mind), so I’ll be hitting people up for sure.

i did not know you were on PC. I have been playing on PC as well, just on during the day usually.

Hit me up if you ever want to run some stuff on PC, most days I can hop on during the day too.