Xbox Game sharing

So i’ve know about this for awhile, and my brother and room mate do it, (“they” just bought the forza DLC) and i have some personal friends that do it. i was wondering if anybody here does it. i dont hear you guys talk about it at all.

if you dunno what im talking about, here is a video. this isnt a cheat. this is something that is completely legal and microsoft supports, but they don’t really talk about it. prolly cuz they know they would lose a lot of money.

We need a volunteer to try this . If it works , then I might plat TESO .

it def works. my friends josh and nick do it. they did it on 360 too.

this was one of those things they didnt talk about when they wanted to go all digital when they announced xbox one

you keep the friends xbox as home, and vice versa, as long as you log in to xbox live "which you have to do anyway) the game will be there
just have to d load it again

i cant belive ppl still dont know about this.

person A’s “home” xbox is at Bs house
person B "home xbox at person A house

person A buys COD
person B Buys Teso

each game is automatically downloaded to their HOME xbox.
when person A logs into “guest” xbox, (which is the one they have in their person possesion), the COD is downloaded to that and playable.

since the home xbox has the game on it, person B can play it.

its on of those things that hard to understand but easy wants its done.

yeah i knew about it but would not trust any of you fucks with having my account as home on your box. Cool idea just not very interested.

Lol just set a password.

My son and I have done this forever.