[XB1] FIFA 15 Tournament

Some of us have been tossing this around. Unfortunately FIFA 15 doesn’t have an online season mode. We can do a tournament and run it on the same site I run the Rocket League Tourney.

If you have any interest post below. If we have enough I will get it setup and we can discuss how we restrict team picks.

Tournament Rules:

Team must be from the MLS - We picked MLS because it is a very balanced league as far as talent
8 Minute Half
Game Speed Normal
Injuries On
Offsides On
Bookings On
Handball Off

While I don’t play FIFA at all, I’d be up for it. If we go MLS, I call Union. (not that anyone would want them).

Wait a minute

Yea let’s do this.

Can we have 2 of the same teams in a private league? You can be away Jerseys if we play since you vacated this area. And by certain people’s math, you should be rooting for Chicago Fire.


I don’t see a problem.

I’m in, Liverpool FC is my pick

MLS teams.

OP updated with rules and team selections.

FC Dallas for me

Union open their season vs Dallas this weekend. In Dallas.

Maybe I’ll watch 5 minutes. Would be the first 5 minutes I’ll have watched ever of MLS.

BTW I played a game with Dallas last night,. My Lord, they are awful

Yeah vault is the only reason we talked about doing it.

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I’m now a season ticket holder for the Union. Truth of the matter is I love tailgating there, the stadium is really nice and they serve great beers. Plus I really got into soccer because my kid is a keeper and from watching every game during the last world cup (cool story, bro).

I do enjoy the World Cup. And I bet I’d like to watch a live game. Especially in Europe where shit goes crazy.

Philly Union games really try to embrace the European feel. Union games are very different any of the 4 major sport teams in Philly.

The one end section by the river is for the “Sons of Ben”. They stand and chant or sing all game long (there’s even a set list of songs with lyrics). There are 2 kettle drums that play the entire game. It’s pretty crazy and something my youngest is dying to be part of.

Well they are also different than the other 4 teams in Philly since the games are in Chester.

They’re very similar as well. Union can’t make the playoffs either.

That’s awesome. Still not a good enough reason to go to Philly tho haha

Wow I would have actually gone down to meet up with you too and help counter balance you being alone with the grumpkin.

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