WTF do you want out of GRG?

This is usually a bad idea but I’ll ask anyway.

WTF do you want out of GRG?
Why are you here?
Are you interested in GRG Events? (Tournaments, private game lobbies, etc)
What would you like to see more of?
How can we improve?

We’re having a tough time getting events to work lately. Community nights are a mixed bag of small lobby games. Before we were GRG, we were 2Old2Shoot. We mainly focused on CoD and would run multiple private CoD rooms each Wednesday Night. That was much easier to do as we were a very focused clan.

GRG has evolved from 2o2s. We no longer focus solely on CoD titles, in fact many of us have moved on from that franchise. We are playing a ton of different games on different consoles. Games are also very different as most don’t even offer a private lobby system. We also have the current crop of games that only allows 3-4 member fireteams. We have a diverse staff and very diverse member base.

While a “clan” night of CoD with multiple private rooms may be a thing of the past, I still see the benefit of GRG private rooms or events. Getting a full room of GRG shooting the shit and each other is a great bonding experience. It’s also a fantastic way to get new members involved in the community rather than being outsiders.

So we’d love to hear your responses to the above questions. I’d like to see the the comments to be constructive and productive. If something is not working, let us know but also give us an idea for a solution. We are well aware of the following:

  • CoD BLOPS is a broken PoS game.
  • No unifying game
  • Games with small fireteams / lobbies
  • The need to gear up / rank up
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I think possibly we are still in the “clan” sort of mind and need to readjust our thinking to more of a community. We are always looking for ideas on how we can get the community more integrated and allow everyone to be able to connect.

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I am not an outgoing person IRL so this was a way for me to get into a community so I could get comfortable enough to talk and game with people. I was tired of playing COD and BF alone in a private party so I didn’t have to listen to endless toxic shit. It started out that way in AW but we have been dealt a shit hand in games lately. I think I assumed that in a clan/community there would always be people playing different games that I could jump into at any time. Meaning always people playing COD, BF, etc. All you had to do was join up. I enjoy interacting with all the people I do in forums, slack, and in-game. I am at a loss as “Staff” in what to do to get us going in a more positive direction.i know I haven’t had a lot of in game time lately but that is why I joined a more casual community that realize family comes first. even though I may not be able to get on a game I make it a point to always be around in other ways. Monologue complete.

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GRG have evolved quite a bit from 2o2s days- So has the gaming industry. The biggest problem trying to stay the same as we once were.

Looking at my FL on a daily bases, the different titles being played is crazy!

CoD BLOPS is a broken PoS game-
I tend not to have issues that other do, but the game is stale and a large amount of gamers have moved away from it.

No unifying game
This is a killer for our group. Everyone is just doing what they want… (Me included) and everyone is looking for some new experience. We all knew this was happening/ or at least going too…

Games with small fireteams / lobbies
This has also been a killer. To be honest, I have gotten sick of it. I much rather play with larger groups, but newer games as just pushing to have a select few

The need to gear up / rank up
I have been drawn into the ranking game many times in the past and been reluctant to do private games, when it’s a shinny new penny.

My 2 cents-
In the past, clannight was something that I planned my week around, now it’s just Meh- Now it seems it’s a select few that join, or it’s the same people you play with every other day. Not really a clan night, more like anyother night of the week.

I think what lala wants is something that currently can’t happen with the games that are out and popular. I don’t think the industry is going to move back to what once made it easy to group together. So Lala’s question is a valid one! I don’t really know what can help move GRG forward as a gaming community when we (Staff and Members) can’t find a game everyone wants or willing to even play.

I agree that events are key, but I have (and others) schedule multiple nights not to have anyone show up. Even people that have RSVP. ( this tends to be a drag) and makes (Me) not want to bother creating anything new.

I will add more when I can, have to get back to work.



This completely sucks and happens far too often

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For me, GRG is about having a group of people that I have faith that I can hook up with in-game and have a good time with. Getting teamed up with random fucktards or little Timmy getting screamed at by mom is not how I prefer to game. At least with GRG I know the fucktards. :wink:

Everything said so far is completely valid and on point as to the ‘why it isn’t working as we’d think it should/could’. Vikes is spot on - lack of a single game we all have and feel compelled to play over a long period of time!! and small fireteams/groups are totally killing us.

My gaming time is sporadic and varies from day to day based on the wife, so I’ve always had a tough time getting in on the Wed. night fun. Weekends is when I tend to have more time, so usually do the ad-hoc meet ups with whomever is online. Works for me, but doesn’t build the community that many are looking for…so I’m as much part of the problem as anything I guess. :pensive:

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Solution: if you want to play a game that currentl grg are not playing, start recruiting. Especially games that have been out for a bit. There are always ppl looking for others to play with. Destiny, Cod, battlefield and battlefront still have probably over a million players. No reason they can’t get in on the fun.

I suppose what I’m getting at is when I wanted to play planetside, I started recruiting for it as only a few grg were interested. It wasn’t some AAA shiny penny. But it got us a good group to play with and introduced new people to grg. Rainbow 6 did the same thing. With spring and summer coming, it may be a good time to get members that aren’t so ADD about games into our community.

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When I came to GRG I was Clan Hopping trying to find the right group of people to game with. I’ve Gamed with strict MLG Communities like gunslinger and casual small groups of randoms. but GRG Fit with me and Now I call this place my home. Cause you misfits make it feel like a home. i’m not always the most active cause of my work hours and most of the staff and older members know this and it is why you don’t see me on community night. but I can always find someone from the community on to game with. I’ve never had a problem with unifying game. I just want to be able to jump on and game with my brothers and sisters in the community. to me that is what it is all about. Gaming with friends and talking mad smack

One thing I wouldn’t mind seeing is possibly a few weekend event every now and then for those of us who can’t make community night tournaments and event.

Also i’d like to give a big thanks to all the staff members for everything they do for the community.


I agree with all the reasons stated above. I got into GRG because I wanted a group of guys I could give and get a hard time from (insert immature penis joke here) but also have fun and actually build strategies to games and be able to work as a team unlike the randos ftards we can run into. Lately I agree that people RSVP more and then no show. This sucks. Wed night used to go on the fridge calendar not as much over the last few weeks. The Beta test for Halo gave me hope for something we could do as a large group again it is limited in size but is more than at least 4. I don’t know what to say about what we could play…a lot of games lately feel like crap and we were sold a bill of used goods. No matter what i will continue to play with you clowns even if we have to break into separate groups…I know that is not what lala or the team wants but i think it is all we have at the moment unless everyone wants to get back on COD and start foaming at the mouth.

One idea I will through out there is this. In an old group I played with once every few weeks we would pick a night to play Texas Hold’m the Avatar version on the 360. we would get up to 2 tables going at times all be in a party and have a blast. I know they haven’t made that game BWC yet not sure why but i think that would be something fun to do as a group. just my 2cents.

I hear NASCAR will be able to have up to 24 in one race all online. :slight_smile:


How did I find GRG?

I was big into Destiny but Division was sounding like a game that was more up my ally (sadly that dream broke). But nobody I knew seemed interested in Division so I started looking around and found a few groups, GRG is one of the names that popped up.

Now for the reason I joined it didn’t really work out. I only played Division once in awhile with some GRG members and spent more time with others I knew. (Not GRGs fault). But I did get to met some people in GRG playing Division that I didn’t met in other games I really enjoyed their company.

Why do I want to stay in GRG?

I guess the big thing for me in GRG is actually the forums. I love games, I love discussing games. I love seeing the variety of different players we have and different point of views. And definetly want to met and play with more people.

COD community nights have in general been personally lack luster since I joined but I did do it a few times to play with community and with BO3 being such a mess it didn’t help how I felt about the franchise in general.

Halo 5 on Mondays though have always been fun which I need to get back to doing. And it also really helps all maps are free to guarantee everybody can play together.

I’m the type of guy when I get hardcore into a game I really get into it so that sometimes makes scheduled Halo nights not always something I get into cause I go balls to the wall in one game for awhile.

I don’t know if the info I am giving is helping with what you are trying to do @Lala_Calamari but this is me saying how I am in this community not really saying what the community is.

Oh and I do enjoy listening to the podcast, if you are permently doing it on Wed I hope to watch more live shows, Thrus are rough for me cause I go to bed way early and also have to deal with the wife.

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There’s not much that can be said that hasn’t already been said, which I basically agree with completely. However, I think that the only way to in some way unify more gamers at once, and to maybe have nights like they used to be is to have more events/tournaments. Not Just on Wednesdays and not just Rocket League. It may only be for one night, but no bad can come out of it and if we are lucky it may peak interest for some. I mean, when we did the first RL Tourney I was kinda meh about the game, but it was a fun night and I played the game more after that with guys and then played (won) in the second tournament.

I mean Community Night is so spread out and limited now, what harm is there? And like @quantumklutz said other nights for events may get other people interested also.


I think you have to continue to push through with events and try everything. I got to GRG when looking for an ESO guild and didn’t play that game long. But I found a community that I can not just play games with, but like @AmuseKus, I can have those fun conversations about games, movies, tv, books, or get advice on building a pc. I really enjoy the forums and I appreciate the time that the staff puts into it.
I can get really sucked into a game, and apparently have with ARK. I have not felt compelled to get into anything else. I will just have to personally make a conscious effort to jump into the monday night halo,a rocket league game, or a battlefield event. Not sure I can get back into BLOPS anytime soon but maybe.
I think we are in a tough spot games catering to smaller groups or having too many connectivity issues with larger ones. I think we are stuck waiting for a game that will work with bigger groups(hopefully at least BF5). I encourage everyone to use the forums or slack. I really think those are tools that will help with more gamers making connections outside of their usual group.

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I stumbled into GRG from surfing clan listings in halo. This is exactly what I was looking for. Somewhat mature crowd who gets together to play the game and have fun with plenty of ball busting. Everyone has a life other than gaming so it’s fairly forgiving enviorment if suddenly things happen and you can’t make it or you can’t fire up the console more than once a week. The last clan I was in booted several of us because we weren’t playing destiny 24/7.
When it comes to tourneys and community nights I’ll jump in if I’ve got the game. I’ve got BO3 and loath the game but if there’s nothing else being played I would swing back to it. I’ve done both RL tourneys and had a blast.
I’ve said this before but it’s to bad more people on here don’t like halo. It offers everything to support community nights with good size private matches and variety. If I didn’t work Monday nights if be on every week.

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I found GRG through the ReaperCast. For years I was looking for an actual gaming community and not just a 1 game clan. This is where GRG came to play for me. Now i have been with GRG maybe for a year now…when i first joined it was all about COD, but there was still interest and activities in other games. It was exactly and still is what i was looking for.

I think GRG is evolving more and more into a community of players…now within the community there are small niche groups/clans type gaming happening. From what I have seen at the last couple gaming conventions i have been to…this is the same activity that happens in much larger gaming communities. I think if GRG continues on this type of path…one day we could very well see the possibility of meet and greet events…

Another view…well the seasons are changing…between work, school, and sport schedules…we are starting to see that many members are having more of a random gaming schedule. While I think this will probably always be the case…as we get more members…we will see less of a impact overall just due to the number of members.


Between the day and night job I rarely get the chance to play with most people (lucky for them) and I tend to have Game ADD.

I’ve never really had a chance to participate in a Wednesday night game orgy yet but maybe one day.

I love all the tournaments regardless of the game. If I own it I would love to participate but I’ve come to the conclusion that it is really hard to get on the same time as most others due to my schedule and time zone. I’ve tried to make sure not to be a no show for any events I RSVP to which limits what I actually attend.

The chat is my main way of staying connected with most people although it brings out the smartass in me too often. :slight_smile:

I came here for AW but stayed for the nudes and sexts from @Lala_Calamari.


What do I want out of GRG? Lala.

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Wait a minute…someone actually tunes into that who isn’t in GRG already??? :astonished:

Yes, agree. Maybe instead of finding the shiny new penny we should go back in time to an older game, like Homefront.

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What brought me to GRG? Good advertisement.

What will make me stay with GRG? Hot chicks in the clan posting nude selfies in the forums hourly, with dirty talk parties nightly…

But on a more serious note, I am a relatively new member who found you guys through The Division (I think a LFG post on Ubisoft forums). I have played with a bunch of you in that game, and since it looks like that game may implode, and die a quick death, I’ll be looking to play other games with you guys when newer titles come out (or if anything in my current backlog coincides with something you guys are playing).

The moral of the story… I think you guys a doing a great job. I love the forums. Good group of guys. More recruiting for older titles? GTA V online anyone? Lot’s of shit talking. Just missing hot chicks…