Writing for GRG


I have added a new feature to the site. All members now have the ability to write blog posts for the main page of the site. (with editor and admin review, of course :grin:)

So if you can spell p-o-t-a-t-o then you’re good enough to write something for GRG. Got a game review you want to share, or just feel like dribbling your incoherent thoughts out on the page.

On the top toolbar of the main site there is a new menu item under News called “Your Posts” clicking this will bring up a page with all the posts that you have written for the site along with a button to create a new one.

Clicking on the “Create New Post” link will bring up a submission form.


  1. Fill in the title for the Article. Do not worry about the Status as you cannot change it.
  2. Type up your article. the editor has a lot more features than on the forums so have fun
  3. Make sure to select a category. The “News” category is selected for you by default but you can change it.
  4. Make sure to type in a few tags - One per box
  5. (Optional) add an excerpt

Finally hit “Save” or “Save & Return” to submit the document for review.

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I don’t get the create new post button. just says i have no posts(yet)

Klown. Tweaked some permissions. Give this a whirl now.

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Thanks @Grex It works now