World of tanks

Anybody play this? Pretty neat with the wide array of tanks you can use. Driving is a lil touchy but the game pace is slow til u find the enemy tanks. Then it gets nuts real fast! Can be up to 15 v 15 i seem to have been getting hooked on these free to play games , ie helldivers and guns up. Lol

I know there are some who play on xbox. I was gonna play some last night but live was wonky. @koldfront_kraig and @HAWKLANDER are beasts i the tank world. Need any Tips and tricks just let us know.

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I’m always up for some WoT on X1 - feel free to shoot invite if you see me online and I’ll join up.

@tremount is always looking for people to play WoTs with! Hit him up on PSN, his GT is the same.

Sweet! Yah I jus started so still getting used to maps and deciding wut tanks to go after…like sniping with a tank Killer so far.

Rather lengthy update for WoT today…ugh. always at wrong times so I dont get to kill stuff. Sigh…lol

Finally hit upgraded T2 lite tank. Fast as hell almost to fast to control. Lol. ! If enough ppl still play this we should try and get a group together and see how we do. :wink:

I’m game to play it anytime there’s a few who want to. Great game to play in a small to medium group and for the right price (i.e. FREE).

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Ya I play too off and on…didn’t get past tier 5 tanks but lots of fun! Now kinda getting sucked into neverwinter! Lol a year later but better late than never …

I’ve been thinking about playing as well.

Tier 5 is were it gets fun.

I would be down to start playing this again. I believe I have tanks everywhere from tier 2 to tier 8. Just shoot me an invite.

GT: Pumpkin Rubber

I’m game too. Join me if see me on :slight_smile: