Witchmother's Potent Brew - ESO

This is a pretty solid drink in ESO for magicka classes. While I think it’s mostly for PvP I’m sure it’ll be good for PvE. I can craft it, just send me the mats and I’ll whip some up. I can craft 4 brews with 1 set of ingredients. (I think). Might be worth checking out.

The ingredients are as follows.

  • /file/Elder-Scrolls-Online/nightshade.png Nightshade
  • /file/Elder-Scrolls-Online/bervez_juice.png Bervez Juice
  • /file/Elder-Scrolls-Online/rice.png Rice
  • /file/Elder-Scrolls-Online/small_game.png Small Game

It’s good for PVE too and is what I use. @ezekielJP crafted us some today as well as the stamina equivalent dubious camoran throne.

Ps I still have the rest of them I forgot to put them in the bank @SoInZane

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Blah blah blah… Brew Coors and I’m there! Lol