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Wish Ender Exotic Bow Quest


Questline (full spoilers, obviously) here:

I have no idea how so many people are above 580 right now. I’ve just cracked the 530s…


It’s easy, you don’t sleep or work or have kids or use the bathroom…


Don’t be silly, you obviously piss in a cup


Fucking cup. You rookie… Use a Gatorade bottle. You need the cap so you don’t spill it.


We finished the quest last night, @beeryeti, @valiantvictory and @Mowerguy90. We had a lot of help from @Masonicmage and @ezekielJP.


Sooooo who wants to run it again tonight?


I may totally suck but I owe karma and GRG for the bow so i’m happy to help


I can run it again. Just not sure what time I will be on.


Didn’t it quit at 10am today? If not I can assist.


noon tomorrow for the bow (EST) @ezekielJP @AsnPersuasion27


Ok looks like tonight has to be it the


I can help if you still need when i get home, probably. Wont be until around 12est though.


Got it done last night thanks to @ezekielJPand @Masonicmage…backpacked me through the whole thing…even to completion