Whisper of the worm short cut

@destinyplayers So i really want to grind this out. This video showa a massive shortcut. If you see me on and want to grind this let me know

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Damn, one weekend of irl and working a race and I’m out of the loop…I should be back tomorrow and yes count me in

Anybody on @PlayStationPlayers going to do this

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Got mine thanks to @Masonicmage he showed @Guinness333 and I the way and it only took us 6 hours lol. The shortcut does help a ton and the book cannon was a game changer at their end. If I’m on and you need some help I’ll bring the whisper and we’ll do some work.

The book cannon? Yes! I will take you up on the help. I went in to learn the jumping puzzle…but the final phases are a bitch. If you’re both available I’ll take any help I can get. That sniper will be a beast on all raids

I need to work on this. Ran EOW’S yesterday with two guys that were running it and almost 2 phased it. We let them finish the 3rd phase with just the sniper. We need to test it to see how much damage it actually does to Argos.

Damn spell check got me fucked up or maybe I was half asleep lmao. Boop cannon…is what I was shooting for @AsnPersuasion27.

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@ezekielJP @Guinness333 any chance I could get you two to help me with the whisper tonight? I would like to get it done just in case they do something like, “it has to be flashpoint IO”. After I get it done I’ll be happy to help shepherd other through…probably easier with 2 people who have the rifle…

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Yeah I’ll be on around the usual grg time.

Apparently there was a post on Twitter around midnight that this closes 12 hours from that point and will return next week.

So, I hear this is just the easiest thing to do EVAR!!!
Whose ready to sherpa me?

Damn it…ok so maybe next weekend then

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I think this will be open friday lets see if we can get 2 groups going (or more) with at least one person that has done it already…only 3 GRG I know that have it are @Guinness333 @Masonicmage @ezekielJP , I sure others do as well but these are a great and will help those of use that did not jump on it last weekend…It may sound like im voluntelling again but I’m pretty sure these guys said they would help in chat. :grin:

Yeah…and the back half of Sunday the public event wasn’t piping correctly…which really pissed me off. Having the whisper makes the final sections a lot easier from what I’ve seen. But I’m sure we could get everyone that wants to through it next weekend. As long as the public events are running correctly

definitely would be down to do this

I’m willing to give it at least a look tonight…no harm in trying.

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I’ll check the map and see if I can access the heroic version too @AsnPersuasion27.

Heroic version is gone as well. They will both be back this Friday. Not sure when. On another note…We still need to finish Spire Raid Lair. I think that is the only thing that many of us have not done or completed for the Summer Soltice Rewards. I am sitting at 205 points so far and I think many of us are there as well. If uncertain as to where you stand, Bungie.net tells you exactly what you have unlocked when you go to your profile page…If anyone needs to finish more stuff that is available to finish prior to next Tuesday let me know.

I need to give the spire a shot as well as the prestige versions of all of the raids.

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