Which Xbox Will You Be Getting?

Both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S launch on November 10th. The Xbox Series X costs $499/£449, and the Xbox Series S costs $299/£249.99 (the second-cheapest next-gen console ever.)
The Xbox Series X is a chunky beast, and the Xbox Series S is about 60% smaller. But that doesn’t mean the Xbox Series S lacks across the board.After breaking down the specs of the Xbox Series S vs the Xbox Series X, along with a helpful chart from Microsoft, who says that “The Xbox Series S delivers the same incredible next-generation experience and features as Series X, just at a reduced rendering resolution.” The Xbox Series X has a more impressive 12.15 TFLOPS of GPU compared with the Series S and its 4 TFLOPS, but the Xbox Series S still has a lot to offer, especially at that much lower price.

which next-gen Xbox console are you getting, and when? Will you be diving straight for the Xbox Series X, or has the Xbox Series S now caught your eye? Some Xbox fans have been debating buying the Xbox Series X for themselves, and the diddly all-digital Xbox Series S for their kids: is this the tactic you’re planning? Will you be buying at launch, or biding your time?

  • I’ll be getting both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S at launch
  • I’ll be getting the Xbox Series X at launch
  • I’ll be getting the Xbox Series S at launch
  • I won’t be getting either at launch
  • I’ve got no plans to buy either
  • I’m still undecided

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As of now I won’t buy either. I’ll get a PS5 and gaming PC.

PS5 all digital and ShadowPC.

Passing (for now) on the next gen Xbox consoles. The X1X is good enough for me now, and Sony has much strong exclusives overall…so PS5 at launch for me.