Where we droppin' boys?

My name is Zach, I’m 26, got a wife and a kid but still make time to relax and game. I work in IT for an agricultural company that leaves me some free time while I’m on the job to chat if you ever want someone to talk to. Been binging a lot of BR games lately, especially Warzone and I play RuneScape when I’m bored. Just looking for some people to play games with. I’m available most days except Sunday/Tuesdays don’t be shy to add me on discord and ask me if I’m down to play. DM me if you have any questions I guess lol

Edit: Weeknights I’m normally on from about 6PM-9PM PST and Friday/Saturday I’m on much later.
Discord: JungleDad#3033
Xbox Gtag: JungleDad#1593


Welcome to Grg got plenty that like to play warzone on both pc and Xbox not sure if anyone plays runescape though. What all do you play on?

Little confused about the “What afford do you play on?” question but I’m gonna respond with I play on PC. And I don’t blame anyone for not playing RuneScape lol game is an acquired taste for sure.

Ya meds must still be working on me from this morning lol I fixed it but you answered the question. Are those all that you play?

I do mostly Warzone right now, but have done Apex, and OW, play some Valorant too. Use to be into CS:GO but don’t have anyone to play with anymore. I really am down for most shooters, it’s just about having a good group to play it with for me. The company I keep is normally more important to me than the game I’m playing, I have a casual competitive mindset where I like to go for a win and use comms, but I also like just having fun with a good group of people.


Welcome. I play a little Warzone and Apex. I will look you up.

Welcome JungleDad!

What alcohol, if any, do you drink?

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November 5th actually marks 1 year sober for me, but I’ll still weigh my opinion in. A nice IPA is better than anything.

Welcome to GRG.

One year sober? Good on you. You’d have trouble finding 6 people here with one day sober.

Welcome to GRG Zach !

Welcome to the community and good games the other night.

Welcome to the Community!
Always good to get another Pacfic Time Zone person.
There are only a handful us of active here.

I’m on most nights (XBOX) playing WarZone, Division Franchise (both games) and the occasional Destiny 2 dabble