What's your preferred weapons?

I was reading an article on VG24/7 about the top 5 Legendary PvE weapons and wanted to see what GRG prefers.

Weapon Perks

Aggressive Frame
High damage, high recoil.

Volatile Launch
This weapon is optimized for an especially explosive payload. • Greatly increases blast radius • Slightly decreases handling speed • Slightly decreases projectile speed

High-Velocity Rounds
This weapon’s projectiles are particularly light and quick. • Increases projectile speed • Increases reload speed

Cluster Bomb
Rockets spawn cluster bombs upon detonation.

Weapon Perks

Precision Frame
This weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.

IS 5 Circle
Circular iron sights. Short zoom. • Greatly increases handling speed

Extended Mag
This weapon has a greatly increased magazine size, but reloads much slower. • Greatly increases magazine size • Greatly decreases reload speed

Triple Tap
Rapidly landing precision hits will return 1 round to the magazine from reserves.

Weapon Perks

Adaptive Frame
A well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy.

SSO-05 Sniper
Suros imaging technology. Long zoom. Highlights enemy targets. • Greatly increases range • Decreases handling speed

Tactical Mag
This weapon has multiple tactical improvements. • Slightly increases stability • Increases reload speed • Slightly increases magazine size

Explosive Payload
Projectiles create an area-of-effect detonation on impact.

Weapon Perks

Lightweight Frame
Superb handling. Move faster with this weapon equipped.

Fluted Barrel
Ultra-light barrel. • Greatly increases handling speed • Slightly increases stability

Alloy Magazine
Faster reloads when the magazine is empty.

MIDA Synergy
This weapon grants speed benefits when MIDA Multi-Tool is also equipped.

Weapon Perks

Precision Frame
This weapon’s recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.

Red Dot 2 MOA
Snapshot sight. Short zoom. • Slightly increases range • Increases handling speed

Flared Magwell
Optimized for fast reloading. • Slightly increases stability • Greatly increases reload speed

Explosive Payload
Projectiles create an area-of-effect detonation on impact.


I’ve been using the Mida Multi tool as my scout rifle. I do have and did like the Call to Serve. That worked well on PvP as well. I have this saved for future infusions. I did earn the Nameless Midnight and it’s at 270. I have not tried it yet. Just earned it before I logged.

I’m not so sure about the Mida Mini Tool. It’s nice but I feel a tad inaccurate. It has a huge bullet spread. I got a Death Adder last night @ 276 and that just feels a lot better as it’s way more accurate.

I want that sniper rifle. I’m looking for a good one for both PvE and PvP. Currently I’m using some shotgun as it’s got a decent LL. I will be picking up Merciless from Xur today.

No clue I don’t pay attention to the names or stats. As long as they go pew pew then I am good. I know for a fact I don’t have any of the weapons you listed. I did like the Sunshot until it was way under power level and I had to change to something else.


I always love using auto rifles. I have call to serve and it is a legit scout. I also have a sniper thats pretty good called widows bite i think. Has a 6 round clip and little recoil. Haven’t used it much but when i have it feels good.

I have been using the Seven-Six-Five Scout Rifle and Origin Story Auto Rifle.

I use the trusty rubber chicken. It’s light and has a slap you up side the head attack of 283. :rooster:


Have you tried Scathelock? Pretty nice auto rifle.


I think i have one in the vault. I need to dig it out and give it a try.

straight as an arrow man, major pvp weapon right now.

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I have one, I will definitely try it out in the crucible.

I think I had that in the beta.
Made me love Auto Rifles.

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I’m loving the cold heart exotic! It’s amazing. Legendary I like auto rifle origin story


So ya. About that Scathelock. You are indeed correct sir. Straight as an arrow and beastly. My go to auto at the moment. My best game yet! GRG doing work!


I’m switching back and forth between the exotics MIDA and Vigilance Wing, and running the mini tool as a close up weapon.

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Taken from Discord Chat. @brokain brought up a good point that my dense mind didn’t even think off. I’m trying to find a good energy AR.

Brokain - Today at 11:35 AM
@Lala Calamari if you have a kinetic auto you like , you can convert it to energy.

Anyone have any good suggestions for an Auto Rifle that has a slow rate of fire and is high impact? I’m kind of looking for a D1 Suros Regime replacement. I’m currently using my Call to Serve (guess I could turn this to energy) Scout Rifle as my Kinetic. This is for PvP.


Not sure yet. Still been switching for highest stat weapons rather than personal preference.
I did notice that when I used Call to Serve in PvP I was wrecking everyone, got some screenshots / clips I need to upload from that.

How’s Scathlocke? Can’t remember its stats nor numbers to compare against but I remember that being great in the beta in PvP.

The Halfdan-D is the one that I use and I wish I had one for each character.

Slow firing, and high damage. This weapon is more accurate when stationary and aiming down sights. I use the armour piercing rounds on it as well.

It’s a Legendary that you get from Banshee-44 Reputation

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You can put it in the inventory and the others can use it.

Was a lot easier to do with the Ishtar Commander app.

Yes, but then I have to move it around every time I want to use the other characters.

Don’t I?

Life is hard sometimes. Just like my pee pee.

When the app worked on your phone it took all of 2 seconds to switch. I hope we get an updated app.