What's Up People

My name is JC,

I am currently in the Military. I’ve been in for 10 years. I am 29 years old and have been gaming for a long time. I am currently playing Blackout and Apex. I play multiplayer on COD whenever anyone wants to play. If anyone wants to know anything else let me know.

oh and i play on PS4


Welcome, what console you play on? Or are pc?

Welcome to the community!

updated my post to say PS4!


Awesome @PlayStationPlayers got a new guy to get added and help out

Welcome JC.
Will add you on PSN.

A few of us are playing Apex, not so sure about Blackout anymore but maybe as/when future updates come out.
COD still has some too.

Get adding people, so you can see when they’re online. Look out for events or post up a thread ahead of time to measure interest on any given night!

Welcome to GRG!

I’ll shoot you over a FR. I still play Blackout occasionally so we’ll definitely have to squad up!


Welcome to GRG!