Whats up everyone?!

Hi guys, my all time favorite game series is Halo, so I constantly play the MCC and Halo 5. I also enjoy Overwatch, Call of Duty, Destiny 1 + 2, and all the Gears of War games, as far as multiplayer goes. I love a good single player game from time to time to, recently started the FF7 remake, and the last of us. Looking forward to playing with everyone!

Nice to meet you all!


Bought time you signed you ass up!!!

Welcome to GRG.

Welcome to the community. we will actually be firing up some Halo 5 this Wed night for our community night. Feel free to just jump in the party.


Welcome to GRG! I added your XBL gamertag to my friends list.

Welcome to the site


Welcome to GRG!

Welcome, GT Sniper T1. Added you to my list.