Whatcha cooking this weekend?

Having an open house tomorrow so I’m cooking a few ribs and some Tri-Tip ahead of time. Can’t wait to slather these babies up with some homemade BBQ sauce.

12 Racks total (9 St Louis style and 3 Babyback)
5 Tri-Trips with Santa Maria traditional seasoning


The ribs are done

Time for the Tri-Tip

My workspace today


I think you need some more grills and smokers, I can see some backyard out there.

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That is what I keep telling the boss, but she can’t complain and she does love the food.

My grill is currently on its last leg and i want to get a new one/smoker set to do this stuff. i fear the wife will get me something for fathers day and it will be trash

Best get that Wish List out in front now!
No need to get trash! Or tell her a brand (like anything that says Weber)


go down on her

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Gonna cook this bad boy up for Mother’s Day with some Turkey Breast and chicken wings. It’s the first time I’ve tried it at home, keep you posted!


I have a girl in class that has a few of those. I have been trying to talk her out of a little meat. Suppose to be very good.

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You have a girl in class that carries around a couple bags of Wagyu beef boneless short ribs?

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Got a rotisserie chicken and some baked potatoes going right now.

That looks delicious @Lala_Calamari - how did it turn out?

It came out great. Nice and easy meal.

I do need some wood chips, I was all out but we survived.

I smoked two Turkey breasts and those short ribs. Holy Moly were those short ribs fantastic. I would highly recommend checking out Double 8 Cattle if you want to try Wagyu. It was a great treat for my Mom and everyone loved it.

Boneless Short Ribs (cooked like a brisket)

Two Turkey Breasts, one spicy and one not-so spicy

Anyone cooking for the holiday weekend?

I plan on doing some St Louis style pork ribs and maybe some Chicken Wings on the smoker.

I’m hoping @Claude505 vacuum seals his head in a sous vide bag then slowly cooks it.

Does that count?



@Claude505 - any new adventures with Sous Vide and Smoking fusions?

My latest experiments have mostly been with peanuts and the BGE. I’m still getting used to the Egg. I have a flame boss to control the fire for long, slow cooks. But sometimes that fire gets away from me.

Regarding the peanuts, there’s a driver that takes a lot of outbound loads here at work who has connections at some of the local peanut farms. As a thank you, he’ll occasionally drop off a sack of raw peanuts. They don’t looks that big… but there are a fuckton of nuts in each sack. Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with smoking the nuts with different rubs, sauces, etc. I’ve got some at work now that I smoked with my homemade rub that are pretty delicious. I tried to make some buffalo flavored nuts. But I watered down the buffalo sauce too much.

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