What to do while waiting on the raid?


What’s everyone doing while waiting on the raid? I have finished the story a long time ago. I have my guy pretty well geared out (he’s far from min/max or any sort of build). I’m trying to figure out what I should be doing at the moment.

I’m sort of bored repeating the same content over and over. The dark zone was a disappointment for me. I’m not sure if that’s picked up at all. I have no interest in creating an alt.

What’s everyone doing now? @DivisionPlayers


I haven’t been doing anything. I realized that the daily missions seemed like a chore I was compelled to do rather than something I wanted to do, so I am just waiting. They haven’t fixed the dark zone match making yet, so you can still find yourself alone. I’m thinking about trying out the PvP Conflict. Anyone want to join?


I just grind for gear and stockpile talents and attributes I know I’ll want to recalibrate once they fix. I made an alt, first for a mule but I’ll probably do some support builds on that one and leave my main damage focused.


I am also just doing the gear grind. Making builds.


I grind for gear for my builds. And dark zone. If you are wanting a challenge then go into the occupied dark zone. It is alot of fun no rogue markers. But I suggest not going in alone unless you are really sneaky and know the layouts


I was grinding for gear but did a couple challenging missions and got nothing but shitty gear and quit for a while til they figure out what they are doing. Lots of time no reward made me take a break


I’m leveling mine at the moment, not too sure I’ll be ready for the raid.