What’s up from an “aged” gamer!!!

Older gamer, mid 50’s
Been gaming since the early 70’s.
PS is my choice, but loving some ColdWar with cross-platform.
Deus-Vult is my Activision tag,
armedfish is my PSN tag.
Would love to meet some gaming buddies :blush: I play many games, Nioh2/COD/MHW/BF/just to name a few.


Welcome to the community. Have a lot playing COD here. Drop your activision ID in this thread.

Welcome from another mid 50s gamer.

Welcome to GRG!


Welcome GRG is fun if you can roll with crazy

Welcome to GRG! Play on Playstation as well and ill send you a friend request. Lots of COD here thats for sure.

My Activision gt is Deus-Vult
PSN armedfish.
Is there a group that plays Cold War? Would like to team up ,& show off a clan tag. HC preferred, S&D/TDM/etc…
I will gladly show my skills :blush: (for an old guy. Lol)

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Lots playing CW and MW as well as Warzone. XBox side is a bit more populated but with cross-play that helps. Ill play any mode and use to prefer HC so we can get some games in. @Lala_Calamari @beers_and_leafs should be able to add you to the regiment and get you the shiny clan tag. :smirk:

Welcome to GRG!

I added you to the @PlayStationPlayers and @codplayers Groups.

Putting the pressure on! :grinning: I’ll most likely forget, hopefully @beers_and_leafs remembers. One thing is the Regiment is only for MW (or Warzone I guess). God forbid BLOPS have that feature.

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Welcome to grg glad to have you join the ranks in the asylum plenty of meds for all

Welcome to the community

Welcome to GRG