What Platforms are you getting Anthem for?



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What platforms are you getting Anthem for?

  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • PC

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Anthem Mega Thread

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Bumping this thread to see what people think after the beta. Also, can everyone put down their gamer tags and what platform they are playing on in a comment? I’m trying to get the @PS4Players and the @PCGamers identified so it’s easier for them to group up.


I didn’t play this weekend but I’m getting it. XBox of course.

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I’m still sitting on the fence about paying another $10 a month on my origin just to play that and bfv
I want to really bad


Will be getting it for the PS4 - soinzane


Ill be pkaying it for both PC and PS4!!


I shall be getting it for the ol X1


If I do it would be for PS4.


Twistedgunsmith is getting it for ps4


PS4 for me


Got it free on PC. Not really interested in it but I am sure I will give it a few hours to see if that changes.


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After playing the demo, this is definitely not a pre-order. I liked it, I liked it a lot if they fixed the server instability. I had a lot of issues getting dropped from free roam, or forced to complete free roam. I also had the issue with the castle thing where someone picked up the glowey thing and quit, but they say that that is getting fixed. Great graphics, good movement, the story line missions were fun but not easily solo missions. I just don’t see the end game without a PvP or maybe a horde mode. It’s warframe meets monster hunter with The Division inventory management.
I will probably buy it for the xbox, play through the story, and promptly abandon it when Division 2 is released.


ps4 for me


I own it…Story play through…finish it with my destiny friends then head back to D2 with everyone else


Waiting to play the Div2 beta before I decide. The demo was better than I had anticipated it would be, but by the end of the second weekend I became less and less impressed. I’m worried they won’t have enough end game to keep people around … three strongholds only? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: