What it is!?


'ello gamer’s I’m new to the community, obviously. Just dropping an introduction! PC/CONSOLE gamer. I’m enjoy all forms of gaming, from FPS, RPG’s, MMORPGS, Real-time strategy, etc. Looking for get into this Anthem things, but the buzz has been pretty negative so I’m not exactly sure 'bout that.

Currently im playing games such as MTGA, OverWatch, League of shit(I ment legends) Heros of the storm, SwTor, Battlefield V, Call of booty-duty, New one called breach (Actually pretty good with the right people)

In any case, Hi - pleasure to meet all of you, hope to make some friends and memories, thanks!


Welcome to the Asylum.




Welcome to GRG!


Welcome aboard.


Welcome to GRG


Welcome to this ship of insanity!


Welcome to GRG!


Welcome to the club. I noticed you said you were both a pc and console gamer. What console or consoles do you have and what games do you have for them? I play mainly on ps4 whilist awaiting to get parts for my pc. But currently playing blops 4, bfv and a couple of other games.


PS4 - Datdirty

I play some of everything, Smite, MHW, Rocket League, DCU, RDR2



Will add you to PS4Players and PCGamers groups here on the forum.
I’ll also add you on Steam and PSN.

There’s a large Xbox crowd here but a whole bunch of us PS4 and PC types too.

Community night tonight, thread’s here for it.


There’s a whole bunch of other forum groups you might be interested in too.



Welcome to GRG! Ill shoot you over a FR.

PSN - soinzane


Would love to play some Mtga sometime. I layer a little when it came out but I’m not very good. Welcome.