What is your profession?

In order to help the guild know who to contact list your professions and it’s level if you want.

Character 1

Clothing Level 8
Enchanting Level 7

Character 2

Provisioning Level 47
Blacksmithing Level 13

Character 3

Woodworking Level 8

Lol… I don’t have one yet apparently

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Character 1

Woodworking Level 10
Everything else minimal at best…but will be starting Enchanting on the side.

And for Lala since he likes guys in leather underwear…

Character 1

Alchemy Level 20

Clothier level 12

well i will start for the ps4 side

Character 1

Enchanting lvl 14

Its been a week and I still havent placed any skill points into a profession. … Maybe we outta start a poll for what BoomStick needs to be… Any idea of what we dont have yet in the guild?

Yea I’m with you boom stick, I really haven’t done anything enough to say I have a profession. Once I start feeling comfortable with the game I find new stuff that starts making my head spin again.

I am with you. I basically have just been doing quests. Kind of lost in some of the profession stuff.

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I haven’t heard anyone say their doing clothier which is something I need for light/medium armor.

Agreed - having some crafted light armor would be stellar given the number of sorcerers the group is running as mains.

I am doing clothier on my scorc.

I’m doing clothier and provisioning.

Isn’t that cute? The married couple are both in the same business.


Im pretty open…i have not done much with the crafting…only points came from reading books. Being from wisconsin i should be a brewer

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Alchemy Level 50 (all combinations unlocked)
Blacksmithing Level 44
Clothing Level 44
Woodworking Level 43

Woodworking- 15
Enchanting- no idea but started to get into the better glyphs.

Lvl: 20 clothier Lvl: 14 enchanting