What app do you use to stream Music?

So I been having a debate with people that stream music, and wanted to see what people in GRG used and why?

I have been streaming music since It became the thing to do, and have used many different apps. I am always on the look out for new and improved, and though I would ask all you “Nerds”.

I currently use 3 main apps on a daily basis, and they are sever different purposes.

Beats- Such a simple app to use, and have almost anything I would ever want. The only negative thing is the cost ~ 10 a month.
Tune-in radio: Anytime I want to listen to the local channels this is a must. I feel it does work, but sometimes the quality is lacking ( Even it you change it to a hit bit rate stream)
Pandora: While I used this back and in the day, i did stop for a long time. I have since gone back to it, and for the most part am somewhat please.

The last one that does get used- Sirrus/xm- Have this in both cars, used on a daily basis, but quality is so random, it drives me nuts.

So what does everyone use?

I go out of my way to recommend Slacker any time I can. DJ programmed music and they have weekly themes and countdowns.

Also use Spotify and Pandora. Also have Sirius but mainly use it in my car.

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Google Music for streaming, I used to use Spotify. Both work well. I also use my Galaxy S3’s default music app for songs on my sd card.

I like Spotify when I’m searching for particular songs, aka try before I buy. For general streaming, I’m going to second @anon3687162 and recommend Slacker. It’s probably the best range of programming I’ve seen since I quit subbing to XM.

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Prime or Slacker Radio

I’m pretty much solely spotify too, it’s an upgraded pandora for me (less commercials and can choose who I want to play)

i use pandora, but dont really listen to music for lengths long enough to matter. i’m usually listening to podcasts or music from my SD card when im riding my bike.

I highly recommend slacker as well. I love the stations especially when they have DJs/ guest DJs. I also think they have a wider selection. My only beef with it is the mobile app is slow. I’m not sure if they’ve updated that. I’m really considering paying for a subscription.

Next is Pandora. It’s alright. I feel like I hear the same songs all the time. The wife bought a subscription for Pandora.

I haven’t used any other streaming service.

I use spotify and milk (powered by samsung and slacker radio).

Sirius/XM in the vehicles and Pandora or Spotify while at work or home. I don’t listen to that much music unless I’m in a vehicle.

Same one I use, tho’ the thread is making me think about mixing it up and trying something new…

Which of all of those have ads? I know google, spotify (sub) and pandora (sub) don’t have or aren’t supposed to have ads.

You get an occasional ad on Slacker between songs, but it’s not intrusive - probably less ads per hour than your typical radio station.

I pay for premium on Slacker so no ads for me. Slacker has a free, $4.99, and $9.99 plan.

Yeah, should have mentioned I was referring to free when it came to ads.

Slacker and Amazon prime. Occasionally Pandora. Only one i pay for is Prime.

I’ve very much considered doing this. Unlimited skips is nice and no commercials for 5 a month is not to shabby

Pandora paid acct…love it

I started out with Spotify as well, but when Google Play Music (all access) rolled out they had a $7.99/mo offer for early adopters (for ever) before they started charging the usual $9.99/mo.

So I decided to get the basic Slacker plan for $3.99. I really like the stations they have set up. Some even have DJs which I like. I still enjoy hearing a DJ’s commentary between songs. (Not all stations have this). They also create special Stations (best 100 songs of "specific genre) or do Artist Takeovers.

While unlimited skips is a nice perk of the subscription, the main reason I paid was for the caching of stations for offline use. My gym’s wifi blows harder than Gunny’s sister. I can never keep a decent connection. Listening to Slacker over 4G killed my data plan. Now I can download a few stations to my phone and listen to it locally. It’s great. Then when I get home, just hit refresh.

Anyway, figured I’d just update this thread with my thoughts towards Slacker’s paid service.

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