We're looking for more PS4 Staff

We’re looking for help with rebuilding our PS4 community within GRG. In order to make it work we really need people willing to step up and run with that group. We’re looking for people that are active on the site with the forums being the most important. Someone that games often during prime time hours. Someone that understands GRG’s culture and methodology. Most importantly, someone that is very outgoing and can fill out a room.

The requirements are pretty simple, we understand people have more important shit to do than game. You will be expected to live up to the requirements if you do wish to become staff. Also, I expect a lot out of our PS4 team leads. You’ll basically have full control of that side so it’s necessary to be active and run it correctly.

If interested, please send either @Grex or me a PM. Thanks.

GRG Staff Job Description

  • 1 official community night per month listed as an event in the calendar.
  • Check out to setup events here.
  • Daily activity in the forum. (Let us know for extended periods of absence). Missing a day here or there is not an issue.
  • Welcome every new member intro thread. Also, like the OP post.
  • Help Promote the community (twitter, facebook, etc) Be a positive member of the group
  • Assist with getting new people into games

We really need some help here for the PS4 side. It’s really lacking any direction at the moment and just needs a body or two to run some game nights. If you’re already playing PS4 games and inviting GRG into games then you are already doing what we’re looking for. We have PS4 members just no organization.

I’m going to let this run for a few more days and see if we can get someone to step up. If not then we’ll have to rethink how we handle that side of the community.

I will throw my hat into the ring. I’m on the forums and in discord daily anyway. PS4 taters can’t be any worse.