Welcome to the New GRG Staff Members

FYI… Don’t fuck it up! You’ve been warned.!

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We had a serious problem tonight in Discord with @Rigonn.
You might want to rethink this appointment.

Dude can’t even change his own avatar image…
(well technically he did, he just didn’t clear his chrome cache to see the changes, and then came to discord asking everyone what he was doing wrong)

In any case… watch that one.


@ixL0N3W0LFxi you ever been thrown with a potato? Hurts. Never underestimate a potato.

Feel the power of the potato.


Welcome to our little slice of hell…as a uwise man once said …

Lala should have a staff meeting with just the new members so they could see how lucky they are now.

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We are long over due a good MANDATORY staff meeting. I’m thinking a good 5 hour session should be good. I’ll make sure @Bigfish and @Gunny have a few prior to the meeting.


my family leaves on Sunday for a week…next week would be great for a meeting if that’s not a unicorn

I can accommodate that request!

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