Was SBMM toned down in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

What are your thought’s on SBMM and did they turn it down for Modern Warfare?


Hi don’t think it’s been turned down. It’s just harder to implement when you’re in a group. If you have 6 players that over the last 5 games have a k/d of 3.45, 2.50, 1.98, 1.00, .67 and .56 it’s going to be harder to balance it out. Apparently it’s best to have the lowest k/-d player as the host. It would explain some of our nights.

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So you’re saying let Hawk host, got it !

We will never Lose again as a team


@HAWKLANDER, I wouldn’t take that from Vikes. You need to stand up for yourself.

Can’t argue much., I don’t do well playing core . It’s only hardcore where I shine .

Okay so I should also always host when I play since I suck ass :smiley:

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If that is the case y’all should let me host.

They have done something alright. I’ve lost count of the number of times my team has been down at least one man. Worst was 2 on 6.

I’ve seen way too many lobbies without full teams. It’s maddening.