Warzone Roze skin drastically nerfed in Season 4 update

The Roze skin has been accused of being being ‘pay-to-win’ since its addition to Call of Duty: Warzone and Raven Software have nerfed it once again in the Season 4 update.

CoD: Warzone Season 4 is finally here, and there’s a ton of changes to explore in the latest update. We have some new weapons like the C58 and MG 82 and various weapon buffs and nerfs.

The devs also addressed the controversial “pay-to-win” Roze skin, which has been causing problems for Warzone players due to its uncanny ability to blend into dark environments and resulted in this cosmetic being heavily altered in Season 4.

The developers tried to fix this problem in Season 3 by adding more brightness and colors to Warzone, but this caused other problems. So now, Roze’s skin has received material updates to increase its visibility.

While the skin hasn’t changed much cosmetically, it’s much easier to spot in the new season thanks to a lighter color scheme. Now, players can’t abuse its previously completely blacked-out nature anymore, allowing players not to be seen in dark places on the map.

This change will encourage competitive players to choose an outfit they like rather than the one that will give them the biggest advantage during combat.

Only time will tell exactly how effective this update to the Roze skin will be in the long run, but it seems to have solved the issue so far.