Warzone Pacific Season 3 teasers hint at Caldera map changes & Godzilla’s rampage

Godzilla Warzone Pacific Season 3 crossover arrival

Both images above are quite revealing as they focus on what looks to be Godzilla as well as some major destruction to the Caldera map. Interestingly enough, the image on the left focuses not only on the Peak POI that looks heavily under attack but also highlights Caldera’s deep waters.

Given that the image on the right teases Godzilla’s appearance, it’s safe to assume that the monster will make its way to Warzone from the surrounding ocean. It will likely travel through Caldera’s water before washing up on its shores, possibly at Beachhead or Docks.

Warzone Pacific Season 3 Caldera changes teased

Warzone players also received a short teaser video that hints at the destruction that awaits us in Pacific Season 3. The Tweet reads “The island’s surface is no longer safe. When they go high, we go low.” This would indicate that a major threat has taken over the surface of the island, forcing players to hide underground.

There’s no telling how safe these underground areas will be given how unstable the video above seems to be. While the involvement of movie monsters is to be expected given the Godzilla crossover, there will likely be a few hidden secrets that players won’t see coming.

One of these mysteries is alluded to as the narrator in the video claims “it’s not ready yet.” One can only wonder if they are referring to some sort of weapon or underground transportation system.