Warzone devs planning to nerf cash amount across Pacific

The devs are looking to address what they see as an “overabundance” of cash that is ruining one of the core pillars of the Warzone experience. Players can expect the amount of cash in Caldera and Rebirth Island to receive a considerable nerf as Raven look to balance Warzone’s cash economy.

On January 11, Raven Software took to Twitter to announce future plans for Warzone and the devs mentioned that they’d be coming up with ways to limit the amount of cash available to players.

It’s safe to say that the initial reaction has been quite negative from the community of players who are wondering why this change is at the top of their priority list when so many issues have been unresolved at this point.

Without the possibility of purchasing a Loadout from the get-go, players are left with more money during the middle to late game.

Several Call of Duty content creators and longtime Warzone players suggested that the devs should consider bringing early Loadouts back as opposed to nerfing the amount of cash available to players.

Players suggested that increasing the cost of killstreaks and self revives would produce the desired outcome without hampering the ability to buy back teammates and purchase Loadouts.

Whether Raven will push forward with the proposed change to the cash economy in Warzone following the backlash remains to be seen but we’ll be sure to update this section when more details are provided.


I’m not sure wtf they’re doing at this point. How did they not realize how much money was on the ground at the start? Don’t they program that in?

I’m assuming it’s an easier fix to reduce the cash amount versus any real fixes (like graphic glitches, etc).