Warzone Blueprint Blitz event: How to complete, Weapon Blueprint rewards, end date

Call of Duty: Warzone’s first Blueprint Blitz event is now live, allowing players to earn many Weapon Blueprints from previous seasons. Here’s everything you need to know, including how to complete it, the rewards, and when it’s due to expire.

Call of Duty: Warzone is now into its second year, with the upcoming Black Ops Cold War Season 5 being its 10th season overall. Over these seasons, a ton of cosmetic items have been offered to players, such as Charms, Calling Cards, and Weapon Blueprints.

If you’ve missed out on this content, don’t worry, as Raven Software has introduced a new Blueprint Blitz event where you have the opportunity to get your hands on previously released Weapon Blueprints.

Here’s when Warzone’s first Blueprint Blitz event begins and how to get your hands on these previously-released cosmetics.

Warzone Blueprint Blitz event start & end date

The Blueprint Blitz event is now live in Warzone Season 4, with an in-game message arriving on August 6, telling players that the event is now live for one week.

The Blueprint Blitz event is set to end on August 13 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM BST.

What is Warzone’s Blueprint Blitz event?

The Blueprint Blitz takes place inside regular matches of Warzone and Plunder, with the Contraband Contract being much more frequent.

Contraband Contracts are rare objectives that pop up in matches of Warzone. You must deliver a package to a helicopter, and if it successfully extracts, you’ll earn a ton of cash and a Weapon Blueprint to keep.

With the Blueprint Blitz event, you’ll have many more opportunities to do these Contraband Contracts. And for completing them during the Blueprint Blitz, you can earn 11 Blueprints from the previous seasons.

How to complete Blueprint Blitz event challenge

With the Blueprint Blitz event live in Warzone, the Contraband contract will now spawn after you complete two in-game contracts such as Bounties, Scavengers, or Recons. Once you’ve completed two contracts in a match of battle royale or Plunder, a Contraband Contract will spawn – appearing as a blue briefcase.

Pick up the Contraband package, and you’ll be instructed to bring it to a helicopter drop zone somewhere else in Verdansk. Bring it to the DZ, press interact, and a helicopter will come and take it away.

Be careful, though. Other players can see the plume of smoke and the helicopter fly-in. If they kill you before the helicopter extracts the package, they’ll claim the contract for themselves, and you won’t get the Blueprint. This goes both ways. You can steal Contraband contracts off enemies.

Once the helicopter successfully has the package, you’ll earn one of the 11 Blueprint Blitz weapon skins. Repeat this ten more times, and you’ll have completed the Blueprint Blitz event.

To recap:

  1. Deploy into a game of either Warzone or Plunder
  2. Complete two regular contracts (Bounty, Scavenger, Recon, Supply Run, Most Wanted)
  3. Pick up the Contraband contract
  4. Take the package to the marked drop zone
  5. Deliver and defend the package while waiting for the helicopter to take it away
  6. Repeat this 10 times to complete the Blueprint Blitz event


Raven hasn’t revealed the line-up of Blueprints available, but previous Contraband and Easter Egg Blueprints will likely be available.

Here are all Blueprints from previous Warzone events:

  • Fluid Dynamics (Kar98k)
  • Lonely Lagoon (AX-50)
  • Karbonite (EBR-14)
  • Bat Out Of Hell (Striker 45)
  • Firebrand (Bruen Mk9)
  • Mud Drauber (MP7)
  • Enigma (CR-56 AMAX)
  • Bay of Pigs (SKS)
  • Red Room (Milano 821)

We’re unsure what the final two Blueprint Blitz Blueprints will be, but we’ll let you know once there’s a full list.

There is also no confirmation on what players who have already earned every past Blueprint will receive, but it’s likely they’ll only receive the in-match loot such as cash and XP.