[Warframe] Eidolon Hunting and exploring - 11/18

Nov. 14th digital extremes releases the new warframe update the plain of eidolon. I am wanting to group up and dive into this new update if anyone is interested on Saturday Nov. 18th. I’d like to try to even do some eidolon hunting. If interested hit me up GT:Quantumklutz87

Originally published at: https://grimreapergamers.com/pec-events/eidolon-hunting-and-exploring/

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Free game, Free DLC and it’s actually really good. You fuckers should check it out, it’s not like you all have lives or anything.

@anon3687162 warframe is in the process of switching to 4k graphics. More reason to try it out on the b
Xbox one x


Bump, Update is out.

I’ll have load up on my adhd and anti-seizure meds and give it a try.

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This is out on consoles? Wonder how big the download is.

5 gbs and let me tell you it is awesome. Don’t worry @anon3687162 @Lala_Calamari won’t be in it long before he is lost and raging. There is so much to explore and do. I am enjoying what I am find so far. But a tip to everyone if you want your arching you have to research the sky archwing launcher segment on your dojo and build it. The contributions are light but it takes two days to research. Until then you are stuck on foot in the plains unless you use titania and fly around in razorwing mode

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Bump for tonight Warframe players.