Walking Dead Chat (Spoilers!)


They were pimping it being Rick’s last season maybe that’s what you are thinking?




Still following this thread but gave up on the show in the middle of last season. Sounds like I made the right decision.


It’s a shame as I think this season is pretty solid (other than Rick leaving). The Whisperers introduction was done pretty well and was one of the better episodes.


I’m guessing someone has let him out.

I somehow managed to avoid all the spoilers for the Whispers so I had discovered it during episode 8, which we just watched.

Most interesting plot point in several seasons now.
I am slightly disappointed the zombies aren’t evolving, though admittedly this is more of a twist.


The last episode had Gabriel pissed off at Negan and slammed the door as he left but he never locked it, which Negan didn’t realize til that evening. In the books, negan’s cell was unlocked for a bit and he knew it was open but didn’t want to get out.


Kind of missed that bit.

Though that other guard was there (the one who unlocked Negan’s cuffs), so that’s two people that didn’t realise the cell was never locked.




So, are they just gonna make it a new way the war starts? It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with any kids.



I seriously forgot about this show. I care that little now.


I’m looking forward to the Whisperers War even though I know how this season is going to end. I’m sure they will follow the comic’s epic cliffhanger.


So, they’ve now confirmed that Michonne is leaving the main show and will only be in a few episodes of season 10. Also, they’re saying she will be moved over to the 3 movies that Rick Grimes will be part of now. So, I guess most of the main cast is now heading for the movie versions?


The Walking Dead without Rick or Michonne??? Wow.

What I don’t get is what has Danai Gurira (the actress) done outside of The Walking Dead and now The Black Panther? She’s willing to give that all up for what??

I’ll take that guaranteed paycheck all day long.


From what I’ve been hearing, she’s getting lined up for a number of projects, and TWD and Black Panther has made her really in demand. Probably to a point that AMC is no longer willing to pay her at the level to turn down those projects.

I think a lot of this is AMC cost cutting, IMO. They paid Daryl big, and now they’re pushing beyond what they want to budget, especially with lower ratings which translate to lower ad dollars.


Only reason they kept Reedus is to keep the female population interested. And with that I have no idea who that demographic is. My wife can’t stand him, and just wish he’d cut and comb his hair.


So much “meh” tonight. It’s gonna be a hard season to keep up with me thinks.


You guys crack me up. Do you want mindless action or an actual story? They JUST introduced the Whisperers, they have to build it up. I thought the episode was good as far as that went. Even the Negan part was needed as you learn how he’s (and the world) has changed.

That said I did have a major issue with the episode. WTF are they doing with the Judith character?? Her character, story and dialogue piss me off so bad. How old is she? 9? 10? And she’s holding a detailed adult conversation with Negan? BULL FUCKING SHIT.

Then the hand cannon they let her play with… You let a 9 year old roam around with that thing? And they let her be solo outside of the camp? What the flying fuck? I won’t even comment on the mini ninja sword… I can’t.

That whole character is just void of all common sense. Everything about her and the scenes she is in is wrong.


The Negan story was all that really interested me although it wasn’t much to it.

Tara leading Hilltop makes me dislike the show; I would say most looking forward to how writers blend Negan in with this new threat, will he made into an ally of whisperers or Alexandrians…


Guess I’m silly but you guys hit some of it. I don’t feel like I got anything out of it. They needed to do the negan thing but it felt flat or forced. Specially with the Judith thing… And I totally agree with lala on her. Tara character is weak. Zero mention of Maggie but that k’s to commercials we know why she is really gone! Lol

I get the story development specially introducing the whisperer… It felt forced and flat. I’m hoping for better next week based on preview