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Walking Dead Chat (Spoilers!)


They were pimping it being Rick’s last season maybe that’s what you are thinking?




Still following this thread but gave up on the show in the middle of last season. Sounds like I made the right decision.


It’s a shame as I think this season is pretty solid (other than Rick leaving). The Whisperers introduction was done pretty well and was one of the better episodes.


I’m guessing someone has let him out.

I somehow managed to avoid all the spoilers for the Whispers so I had discovered it during episode 8, which we just watched.

Most interesting plot point in several seasons now.
I am slightly disappointed the zombies aren’t evolving, though admittedly this is more of a twist.


The last episode had Gabriel pissed off at Negan and slammed the door as he left but he never locked it, which Negan didn’t realize til that evening. In the books, negan’s cell was unlocked for a bit and he knew it was open but didn’t want to get out.


Kind of missed that bit.

Though that other guard was there (the one who unlocked Negan’s cuffs), so that’s two people that didn’t realise the cell was never locked.