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Walking Dead Chat (Spoilers!)


Wasn’t much going on in this episode.

Where did Aaron get that cybernetic hand?? Things like that make me face palm at this show sometimes.


Jesus yes. These people needed diagrams for farming and windmills but this fucker has a functioning robot hand?


And are we supposed to believe this guy lugged a Stradivarius around for all these years? (10 years or so? I’m lost with all the time jumps)

As I said before it’s a shame they leaked out who / what the whisperers are as their reveal now is so anticlimactic. I think we’d all be thinking differently if we had no idea why the zombies were actually speaking. Of course I’d like to see a bit more on them. We are 2 episodes into that story line and we barely spent any time on it.


That was one of those let’s stretch this shit out episodes last night.


Wow, really good episode other than the convenient gimp that was Eugene (someone always has to slow down the group). I’m current with the comics so I already knew what the Whisperers where but it’s a shame they were spoiled by the media. I remember when they were first introduced in the comics and it was done very well.


It does suck that Jesus died as he’s such a big character in the comics. I guess they are just cleaning house completely. It’s a shame as the show really wasted that character anyway.


I liked the episode overall but I am over the entire Negan thing.


I thought episode was okay. These cliffhangers of what happened between Michonne and the other communities that we don’t get any clue to as what they talking about gives me headache.

Final five minutes episode most action, and reveal of Negan going back to Sanctuary something to look forward to.


Looks like they have to get Jesus out of way for Maggie storyline to progress with a reason to come back. Tara’s character is quite possible the most annoying, someone please smash her face with a ice skate.

Darryl taking over vacated storyline of Carl.


Actually the rugrat from the Kingdom is taking over Coral’s story (or at least becoming a blacksmith at the Hilltop).

Jesus’s death was a shocker as he’s still prominent in the comics. From my understanding the actor didn’t like the character being ignored on the show and wanted out. He got his wish.

Aaron is basically the comic version of Rick now. He has the same beard, haircut and missing arm.

And it is silly how they all are dumping Rick’s plan of building something better. No one likes or trusts Michonne. Was it all because she wouldn’t let Maggie kill Negan? Or is there more and why haven’t we found that out yet.

Finally, where the fuck is Maggie? We’re a few episodes into the current timeline and we still have no clue. She left with Hershel (baby). I don’t get it, it’s not like the TWD universe has vacation resorts. Why leave relative comfort with a fucking baby and venture off into the wasteland??? That just doesn’t add up at all.


I loved how they left them surrounded and then the preview for February shows Aaron at the Hilltop.


I thought they said she went with Georgie?



Yes, she’s with Georgie.

I was disappointed with how little Jesus did on the show, and before last night I thought this was going to be his time to start to shine.

Yeah, I think - fuck, I forget the kid with the sticks name now, but I think he’s taking over the Carl to me.

And yes, Tara’s character is not the greatest, but I still like some of her scenes…



Daryl is taking over Jesus’ role in the comics. Maybe him and Aaron will hook up.

What’s the deal with the X scars as well? So many friggin holes.


I’m caught up and all I can say is Wtf? I knew about the whisperers but how in the fuck do let your main baddy’s cell door unlocked?

What bugs me most is all the animosity amongst the “tribes” why they so shitty with each other? What… Ruck was your only glue? Gtfo!

Don’t have a prob with stick boy taking over for Carl but killing off Jesus? Really? Smh

Idk… It just feels so cream puffy TV anymore. I’m sticking to the end since I’m vested but sheesh!


At least this is the final season right?


Not that I’m aware of.


They aren’t done milking this yet. Plenty of more seasons to go.


Sorry… For some reason I thought the ads were saying final season… My bad… Still gonna be tv fluff!