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Walking Dead Chat (Spoilers!)


They also need to add in the dog…


Those are the whisperers…humans, dressed to blend. The next big war.


I swear he can’t act unless he’s eating. Every fucking scene in the Punisher he was chowing down on something. Exaggerating it of course.



Judith makes me wish Coral (Carl) was back. She is literally the annoying cousin / nephew / plot device they drop in to reboot dying shows. 100% annoying. What kid that age is having those conversations with adults and swaying their decisions? “If they don’t come, I won’t”, when talking about the strangers. WTF???

One final comment about Judith. Why was she out roaming the wilderness alone? With a Hand Cannon? She had no adults with her at all. So much is wrong about that beginning scene.

Last comment about the upcoming shows. It’s a shame EVERY FUCKING SITE is spoiling what the Whisperers are. It’s completely taking the surprise out of the whole story line. I remember reading the comics and was all WTF when they were first introduced. That’s all ruined people new to the Walking Dead. What a shame.


Yeah I just had time to finish the episode and from things I saw last night I assumed the Whisperers were introduced last night. If you don’t know the comics that would not be knows without reviews saying that.


This episode was a complete throwaway episode. They could have solved a ton of this in 5 minutes. And did Michone ever have that branded X on her back before? Doesn’t that go against her backstory?


All I care about from last night…


I couldn’t figure out what that X was about, maybe something related to pregnancy/birth??

Judith was not done well in this episode, Face palm on her dialogue. Other characters have some interest with the time passed, to see how they have evolved, Daryll, carol, Eugene.


I would guess it’s something to do with prison, given she made such a big deal about the prison tat that Magna had.


I initially thought the X scar was due to kidney transplant, but who knows… Don’t think they have the tech for that currently.

I still like Negan and am looking forward to more story with him. I really can’t stand Daryl. He’s a whiny baby, and needs a shower and a haircut.


Not sure what the show says her background is, but she was a lawyer in the comics.


All they portrayed was she had a significant other, a toddler, and was very much middle/upper class before all hell broke loose. I don’t recall they went into her profession, but it definitely felt like she wasn’t an ex con or anything like that - but TWD has kind of pissed all over continuity of late.


Yeah I completely hear you. I know they showed her in Atlanta and in a fairly nice apt or something, if I remember correctly.

Edit to add: But with a lawyer background, she may have had dealnga with criminals doing hard time. It sets the story for a different arc going on in the comics now


I still like Daryl but agree he needs something done about that hair. He sort has Emu/Owen Wilson thing goin on.


I always wonder how people keep their beards so neat. I have electricity and the means to do it and mine never looks so nice.


You just want to watch him in the shower. Here’s a clip that will satisfy you from the Boondock Saints (dvd extra).


Wish the whispers would have been given some time on the episode. There are so many gaps in the storyline right now that it is turning into a confusing plot to follow.


Now that I’m caught up and can enter this thread… Tonight was a complete yawn fest!


They’ll drag that shit out like they do everything else.