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Walking Dead Chat (Spoilers!)


General television takes away any suspense, you just knew they wouldn’t kill Darryl with Rick leaving so that whole him climbing out had zero suspense.

Hopefully trash lady is off the show but once again the chopper is not explained.


Damn, those some strong tree roots. That was convenient that the erosion didn’t happen higher.

I was in suspense, there’s no way Rick gonna get out of being impaled by rebar. Then next episode preview he’s on the horse doing epic “lead the herd”. I can tell the next episode is gonna be him dying of blood loss, having flashbacks.

I find it funny that he passed out at the end of this episode then next thing we see he’s miraculously walking away from certain death.


So he ends up destroying the bridge he didn’t want to destroy which got him hurt in the first place. Then a magic helicopter takes him away after somehow the explosion didn’t finish him off.

I am behind in the comics so no clue about the walkers talking who have no brain functions left.


Looks like a time jump is coming now, and Judith is taking the Carl role. Also, Scott Gimple just revealed that there will be TWD Mini series and movies that we will see Rick in, so I’m assuming that those will fill in the gaps of the time jump.

I’m not sure at all how I feel about this.



It looks like there will be multiple movies, according to Andrew Lincoln (see page 2 of this interview)

EDIT: It’s a trilogy of movies centering around Rick.


Loved how how Negan turned into a winny little bitch . Liked how Judith might turn into a mini-super power version of Rick . Question… If we put Lala in a jail cell and only gave him BLT sandwiches to eat , would he also be like the " new" Negan ?


You’d be my Glenn.


We also need Judith in the clan if she shoot a pistol like that. She would be badass in Blops 4.


It’s a fucking aimbot. Judith Hacks!


Bet Rick and Trash woman became a new thing.


I actually enjoyed this episode, minus the plot armor for Rick. The bridge blows up in his face and he floats down the river basically unscathed? other than that I like the surprises and cameos for the show.

I did not see Negan breaking down like that, I kept expecting once he got out of the cell to overpower Maggie but he appears to be broken shell of his self. I did like the homage song from end of very first episode sending Rick off the show.

Then, I see this little girl, she has mini katana sword, giant revolver, i’m like who the F is this. Then she picks up “the hat”, OMG, what Judith Grimes. I think that is interesting twist, maybe to evolve her into the role Carl was supposed to have with upcoming new threat.



I liked it until the end. Apparently Rick is explosion and fire proof.


This reviewer sure hated it.

“What Comes After” craps the bed so spectacularly, and in such a ham-fisted manner, it’s hard to imagine there wasn’t a point at which they toyed with throwing some “Yakety Sax” over the soundtrack during that final chopper ride off into the sunset.


I wasn’t a super fan of it either and it was exactly what I expected. I’m not sure how many of you watch Survivor but there is always an episode at the end when the final contestants walk down “memory lane”. I knew this was coming, I didn’t really care to see it and it didn’t further the plot along one bit.

I’m a little upset over the deviation from the comics. First Carl and now Rick are gone. The entire premise of the show has been upended. We basically wasted 9 years of story as it’s all meaningless now. Ricks story of survival and providing a better life for Carl is erased. Now we’ll be forced to watch the SJW version of the show as we see an empowered “Judith”.

And fuck that ending. That .357 Magnum weighs more than Judith. No way she can shoot that and be that accurate. And are they going to be that wasteful with guns and ammo (such a limited supply) that they allow a child to walk around with a hand cannon? Can’t they just give her a basic 22? World War Z used them for the soldiers as it’s cheap and easy to use.

So what now? Where does TWD go from here? And why reboot both shows. Fear the Walking Dead rebooted mid season as well for reasons unknown. I’m still bitter about that and Fear was the lesser show. Now we’ll have 3 AMC movies for Rick? Why? Just why?

Finally, No one hears the fucking helicopter? No one at all?


God that annoyed me too. It isn’t like they live in a world of ambient noise like we do. You would see and hear a chopper for miles.


I would say I’m not usually a fan of spin off movies series, but Andrew Lincoln made TWD great originally and being able to parlay that into additional movies down the road I have to say is smart for him.

It seems he may be pigeon-holed into the character of Rick for a while so why not capitalize financially with bigger paychecks.


Overall, I liked the episode, and it felt like a proper ending for Rick. But that ending was nothing more than a panicked retcon of the entire episode. Basically, they found a way to keep Andrew Lincoln in the series and get him closer to home (expect these films to be made in London or at least nearby), and bailed on everything they wrote.

I’m not sure that there will be an SJW type character in Judith. The fact is, after keeping her in the show (she was killed in the comics as a baby during the prison attack by The Governor) and killing off Carl, they’re basically retconning her into the new Carl. I guess that’s how you keep some age continuity when you run the story so long that Carl’s actor winds up way older than the comic character. This is a result of the show never really being sure if it wants to stay true to the comics or not, which has been a huge problem with the show the past 4-5 years.


I am waiting for them to introduce Judith’s cousin…