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Walking Dead Chat (Spoilers!)


And was that the only wagon and plow left in the world that they had to go to DC and take out of a museum?


They must have found that the set of Little House on the Prairie was already ransacked.


Seriously, they’re not going to address this at all? There is a chopper flying around and no one cares?


Even if they do (and the new title sequence suggests they may), the time jump is about 18 months, isn’t it? How do they explain it just disappeared for that long?


I modified my last post to the correct 18 months, which brings a new question: how does Judith look 3 years older in 18 months?


Sadly, I haven’t seen this episode yet…yet none of this is spoiling it for me.

I don’t know why I torture myself with this series.


This episode really just was there to show what life is like post Negan. Just a glimpse I guess as I expect the next big bad to appear this week. They kind of have to show them “winning” and at peace sometimes otherwise what’s all the conflict for?


You really think that the new big bad will show up next week? I’m expecting mid season finale given the show’s past.


I thought that camp was about to go into True Blood orgy mode. And that chopper may be the longest tease in television history.


No shit, that chopper tease is silly at this point. And don’t they make a lot of noise? Wouldn’t anyone else hear that?

Do we think the Whisperers are taking the Sanctuary guys? Or is it one of the other groups getting back at the Sanctuary for what they have done over the years?

I just realized Tammy Rose is Brett Butler.

Sucks that Aaron got the “Rick Treatment”. At least the med student knows how to amputate and treat the wound… :roll_eyes:

All in all I felt it was a good episode.


Yeah that is a major jump for someone that’s learning but hey there’s books!!! Guess we all can do it.


That sucked for Aaron, he won’t be alive much longer with one arm.

Enid glanced at the book then started cutting and ended up with perfect looking amputation; anybody can be a doctor screw med school…


As we’re watching the episode, I look over at my youngest (HS senior on a pre-med track at either Temple or BU) and gave him the “Oh hell ya…no med school for you!”


Was it a chopper though? I honestly thought it could have been a plane. It makes me insane that they keep adversaries alive by the way. This is total James Bond shit.


They’re following the comics. Negan was left in a cell and Sanctuary joined the collective after the war.


I understand that. My point remains.

And mind you…I like Negan. I am just speaking in general if you have an adversary like that…get rid of him.



Chick struggles with one zombie while Maggie takes out a massive amount.

Father catches trash chick and then for his own safety instead of lying to her tells her the truth that he will tell Rick.


The Father is a mental midget and I’m really not surprised by his actions.

I liked how Maggie and Darryl turned their backs on the execution. The Saviors did some pretty horrible things and should have to pay for them. There’s no way you can just forget what happened prior.

I’m can’t wait to see how the A&B / Helicopter story plays out.


I like that they are keeping the trash lady consistently annoying.


Oh fucking hell… I hate when shows do this shit. The coincidental bullshit. Rick and Darryl happen to fall into a massive pit. No, they don’t notice this giant fucking hole before they started playing slapsies. Nope, they “accicdentally” fell into a fucking 10+ foot hoot 20 some feet deep.


Rick running into 2 herds and the horse just "happens’ to dump his sorry ass onto a nice piece of rebar. Why all of a sudden at this very moment does the horse get spooked? Herd wasn’t near. Why didn’t Rick move that shit sooner.

I can’t stand the lazy writing on this show sometimes.