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Walking Dead Chat (Spoilers!)



last two posts seem to go together?!?!?!?!


I’m not sure how? Shane is pretty dead (other than flashbacks).

They fucked TWD killing off Coral. TV show made a huge mistake. Fear TWD is all intent of following the same path but with fewer seasons.


my thought was using shane flashbacks while he(Rick) was dying. Only logical way to bring said flashbacks back. KWIM?? why not flashback lori and carl too while we are at it!! LOL


I’ll never understand actors either. WTF else is he going to do? I’d ride this gravy train into cancellation. Film some movies or tv on the side. Then again I’m a poor smuck.


They didn’t fuck up by getting rid of Carl. They did so by giving into Daryl and letting him get his way. With him as the lead, I look forward to wonderful soliloquies of incoherent babble to the tune of “Blue la da dee”



Looks like we will see the Whisperers soon. And I think they made a good choice for Beta.



I am excited to see Zach McGowan, I really liked him as Charles Vane on Black Sails


Man crush?




Just started episode and now trash lady speaks normal again?



This show has into a big fucking mess.


It looks like they worked on correcting a lot of issues from the last few years. Addressed fuel production, roads, bridges…looks like they’re finally making the world post apocalyptic.

And trash lady used to be a teacher? Is that the story now?


A teacher, well that explains the whole secret agent with a direct line to people with helicopters thing she had going on. For a second there I thought it was going to be something hard to believe.


At least they set up some tension between the groups instead of GO TEAM.


True, but they Maggie a little Negan like with the public hanging of Gregory.