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Walking Dead Chat (Spoilers!)


So happy the season finale is tonight so I can take a break watching this show…so sad.


So glad this is the season finale so I can stop seeing posts like this.


Daaaaaaaaamn. Total crock o shit he lives if the slice was enough for him to fall that fast. Either it was superficial and he’d have fought on or it was game over. No middle ground on that wound.


Will see what happens but Maggie sure is pissed.


Maggie is going to bide her time…so basically like every season of the show.


Yup, then in some hair-brained scheme she’s going to help him escape so she can feel justified in killing him as he runs, botches it, and we’re on to War round 2. facepalm


So let me get this straight…Jesus, the tree hugger preaching they shouldn’t kill anyone, is siding with Maggie because she’s pissed Rick didn’t kill Negan???


What a stupid finale.


Ten to one he’ll be the reason Maggie’s assassination goes off the rails and Negan escapes.


I know it’s been a while since I read the comments, but wasn’t Jesus actually…competent…in the comics?


Eugene’s exploding bullets could be seen a mile away. I forget how his comic story went but I know where he now (not that they’re following the comics).

Finally, keeping Negan alive is just lame. Of all people he really needed to die.


I was hoping for Rick’ s death. Don’t @ me.


@robb it doesn’t work anyway.


@rabb, Rick really becomes a bit character after the Savior war in the comics. Who knows what the show will do now. I’m doubting they will move on to the Whisperers.


I think for sure they will move on to the Whisperers.

Why else was Maria Bello cast? Unless it was for Magna.

I think they’re going to come back next season with a time jump.

Remember A New Beginning? It jumped like two years.

That herd of Walkers they showed last night is probably the same one that Alpha shows to Rick and then they trample Alexandria…and that’s why Negan is still alive. In the comics he was there when it happened.


Looks like there was no intended reference to the whisperers.


Some leaked photos of the filming of Season 9. Finally, a weapon that’s not some small knife or something that will get stuck in a Zombie’s head. A mace. Good to keep some distance and nothing really to catch onto zombie skull.


Seeing a lot of sites reporting that Andrew Lincoln (Rick) will be leaving the show after Season 9.

The report come from Collider, and says that Andrew Lincoln will only be in around a half dozen episodes next season.

Also reported: Norman Reedus (Daryl) negotiated upwards of 20 million (rumored) to become the series lead, and that Lauren Cohan (Maggie) may also only be in around 6 or so episodes.


I’m assuming (easy assumption) that Darryl is Dwight from the comics now.