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Walking Dead Chat (Spoilers!)


They drug Neegan out way too long. It’s been so long since he did something nasty or interesting. That needs to wrap up next week.




I saw a leak video that this guy was talking about Negan and said there’s going to be another lineup. Now he has been pretty spot on with stuff, but a couple things weren’t quite what he said.


All I know when watching was wanting to text @rabb and @JohnnyHustler to find an old partner of ours who always seemed to think lighting zombies on fire would be a good idea.


TWD loves lighting zombies on fire so it has to be a good idea.


Dead serious I thought that also.


2 hour episode (well 1 hour and 10 minutes without commercials) tonight = no thank you


Guide was wrong it is only 1 hour. At least it had some action in it.


They lumped that Terror show with it. That’s why it was an hour.


Well said from a review:

Where to begin with the laundry list of inexplicable moments that characterize the death and rebirth of the walkers who lay waste to the Hilltop survivors? The show is careful to display the clock moving forward a little more than an hour between the death of Tobin and his resurrection into a flesh-hungry monster, meaning Walking Dead is taking pains to show it’s aware of the need to not just have people instantly come back as walkers. Too bad that doesn’t explain why everyone else shot or stuck with a blood-infected instrument suddenly died and turned at roughly the same time. That’s never been the case for people bitten, who presumably got a much bigger dose of the walker infection at once; hell, Carl lived for more than a day. True, looking for in-universe coherence regarding the rules of the disease is a fool’s game at this point, but to see them manipulated so blatantly is still irritating.

And that criticism doesn’t even factor in the gobsmackingly dumb choices made here. In what world would Hilltop, having just been attacked by the Saviors and still uncertain of the safety of the grounds, not post a guard or two throughout the house, paths, and elsewhere to keep watch through the night? Nobody had even a little trouble sleeping? How about when a newly turned walker goes falling down the wooden stairs several feet away from where you’re resting? That wouldn’t maybe wake up one or two folks? What about the screams of the nurse being bitten? No? Okay, then. Once more, you know it’s not the most thought-through of episodes when the infuriatingly dumb Henry unlocks the Saviors’ pen and starts threatening everyone, and my response is, “Well, at least he has a reason for being that idiotic. What’s everyone else’s excuse?”




Garbage lady would let hin go? I call story armor as god forbid he doesn’t die by Rick’s hand.


I just want to know WTF is up with the helicopter.


Started out slooooooooow but then, thankfully, picked up to end with some pretty good shit all things considered (and compared to rest of season). Only major bullshit moment was Eugene hiding in the ash pile. No way in hell he had enough time to plant the footprints, let alone in a way that Darryl/Rosita wouldn’t see through, and then bury himself perfectly no matter how many plot zombies all the sudden materialized.


No shit. Darryl is an expert tracker as well. That was bullshit.

Zombie Simon was pretty cool if not unnerving.


Did like the Dwight twist though I kind of saw that coming.



Did you mean the “Commonwealth”? (in game conversation).


Yes. I knew it was a “C”


I also 100% fully expect a “Eugene Fake Out” to take place in the finale.