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Walking Dead Chat (Spoilers!)


Stand by


Mind you it’s VERY speculative but it would also make sense.


Are they with the people that were on the Oceanic flight too?


That is exactly what someone in that thread compared it to.

God I still get pissed at the end of that show.


Fuck Lost. That show strung us all along for nothing. It was all meaningless.


I don’t even care that it is on tonight. Will be 3 episodes behind when I get back but meh…


Spoiler alert: you’ve missed nothing really other than CORALLLLLLLL


Zombie puree.

Well, I’m not sure what purpose the Garbage Pail people served. They truly served no purpose at all and now it’s just Jadis as we all know she got away. Will she lead the next round of TWD Baddies and become Alpha? (the next story arc)

What will become of Simon (aka Trevor) once Negan finds out he wiped out his resources. That’s not going to go well for Simon. Originally I thought he’d buy it from one of Rick’s group. Chances are now he’ll meet Lucille.


That may be the best part of this season. The trash people and their stupid fucking speech being done which she quickly dumped. What a worthless part of the show.

The Simon thing will be interesting.


Beyond glad the Trash People are over with - was sooo fucking annoying and even more so now knowing there wasn’t any legitimacy behind the prehistoric-KFK talk.

Can’t wait to see the broohaha that comes around between Negan and Simon. I’m suspecting he’ll play the ‘wasn’t that way when I left it’ and then get a close-up with Lucille shortly thereafter.


Simon’s crew is either insanely loyal or that will be his undoing. IMO anyway.


Realistically, Simon is sitting all alone with Negan with a pistol. 1 shot ends the Negan problem if Simon felt threatened. I don’t understand the thought process of that unless they were all on board.


Just had a thought.

Now that Carl is dead, does that open up a way for Rick to die? For him to pass the mantle to the next group and completely change the direction of the show? I know they want to run TWD for many more years but I just figured it’d be spin offs like Fear the Walking Dead.

How would bringing in a new leader and crew even work? Personally, I think it’d be better off just creating a new series.


BTW, I always figured TWD would end with Rick’s death. I was just assuming they’d finally get peace or he’d hand it off to Carl.


The meat grinder was pretty gross to me, seeing all that human chili made my stomach turn a bit. Great way to get rid of zombies though, just bring all the herds to that dump and zombies problem solved.

Do we think Jadis is the secret helicopter pilot? Simon never got an answer out of her she just redirected. Jadis as potential Alpha, maybe, but idk that seems like a stretch.

I still enjoy this show, I wonder what char they will make to replace Carl’s, maybe Enid, not sure.


With them planning to merge with fear the walking dead I’m not sure Rick’s death would end the show in full.




Pretty good episode last night. I can’t figure out where Simon/Trevor and Dwight are going just yet.

  • Rick chasing after Neegan and the fight afterwards was probably the weakest (yet most important part) of the show. It’s just really odd how they handled all that. Rick sees Neegan in the car, decides not to warn people but go after Neegan. Then they’re in the middle of a town… and right perfectly T-Bones Neegan and they both manage to disappear from the convoy. Then we don’t even see Rick smash Neegan onto his side. Just weird.

  • Neegan’s Plot Armor is super strong. Marksman Rick misses with every shot.

  • Where did Rick get lighter fluid for Lucille? And is she a burnt mess?

  • What’s Medieval Technology chick about? She seems to be good willed. Will they revisit that? Sounds like they all needed to just watch Primitive Technology on YT (

  • The Garbage Pail Chick at the end… They refuse to give up on that story line.

Even with the quirks it was a really good episode.


Aside from the fact that they can rip off head shots on walkers but not other people at will (looking at you, Rick) it was good. New lady, I get the distinct feel of government there.

I’m so bored with Negan.