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Walking Dead Chat (Spoilers!)


I couldn’t see a story arc that could get Maggie killed off unless they just created one out of the blue. I think Daryll’s story has run it’s course, I don’t see what else they use him for, except a death. Idt Carl was bitten by walker, and will survive.


Daryl will go out in some blaze of glory but I’m not sure of when. I know Norman Reedus loves being on the show (and the paycheck) and doesn’t want it to end.

I love being on the show. I could do this until it ended. There’s part of me that really wants to bookend the show. I started the show and I want to end the show.

This Maggie and Carl dying is just shit to throw everyone off. Who knows, maybe Maggie will bite it and someone else will take over the hilltop. I’m really thinking they’re going to move right into the Whisperers shortly.


They haven’t done anything “shortly” under Scott Gimple.


The problem with this show is AMC, Scott, and the length. There really aren’t many actors that want to be tied to a project forever. Especially when they are young and getting other offers. Add on AMC being cheap as fuck and Scott not doing the show justice, and you have very little to be positive about.


Well they did it. Killed off Carl unnecessarily just for the LOLZ I guess. I fully expected the fake out and the introduction of the Whisperers. Boy, I was wrong. I truly believe this death breaks the premise of the show completely. Everything Rick did was for Carl. From the very first episode. This is the writers / showrunner trying to be too crafty for the audience and deviate from the comics.

Quick episode review.

  • Carl’s death took long enough for Judith to properly age to take his place.
  • Dying kid Carl has more wisdom than any other person in the world. Seriously, this is a kid, dying… He’s not even scared at all and is telling everyone how to go forward. I call bullshit.
  • Someone needs to nerf Morgan and Carol. Too OP.
  • Sharpened stick pierces skulls and bodies with ease… No metal spear tip, just a sharpened broom handle…
  • Now we get to see mopey Rick for the rest of the season

My video cut off after they buried Yoda… I mean Carl. It stopped with Rick sitting against the tree with what looks like a bullet wound. Was that the end of it? Or was there more?


That was the ending



Boring episode. I’ve become so salty with this show that I’m just not sure I can enjoy it.


I enjoy this show still, you bitter folks won’t sour me!

That said this was a bad episode for reasons I stated above. I think the long layover from Carl’s bite reveal to this episode really hurt. I feel it diminished the shock. This show doesn’t understand how to do cliffhangers.


That’s me. I use to watch it weekly. I’m done with it. I might catch on Netflix one day but probably not. I can hop on here and catch up in about ten seconds. It’s a shame. I really use to enjoy it.


Huge miss with Carl forcing Rick to do what he did for his mom - end it for him. Instead let Rick take a coward way out and just sulk on the porch while his son kills himself. Agree with Lala’s bullet points, especially re: Morgan/Carol. These aren’t elite military soldiers but can handle a dozen plus across a town like ninja. Bull. Shit.

Will still continue to watch weekly, but far more as something our youngest will do with us than because I actually care about the show.


Eh, not trying to sour or sway anyone it was just yet another boring, time wasting episode that didn’t progress the story at all. I get it that Coral was a main character but come on.


I started dozing off 15-20 minutes into it when I tried watching on DVR. The problem is that they not only drag out the points between the major storyline events, they now drag out the major storyline events. The reason many of us are tired of it is because we know this show is capable of being much better than it is now, and has often been much better in the past.


God damn what a snoozer. This is now completely only because I have watched from the beginning and I am even starting to question that.


I’ve always found it completely stupid that Morgan can impale people with what amounts to a sharpened broom handle. That must be a magical stick that takes no effort to break through bone into brain.

Carl’s death was half the show, it was little too much. Liked the new Rich but may be going back to Pansy Rick.




@JohnnyHustler and @sjam613 his old man Rick stuff was Carl’s hopes for the future from before he was bitten. He was in the vision, because he full expected to be there.

They just finally showed the rest of it - with Negan and Eugene and shit - to show that he still has hope for the future.


So I saw an interesting thing on reddit…that scene with Negan you can see 2 guys in the background that look like Glenn and Herschel. The theory being, that is all of them dead.


Anyone get a screen shot of that?