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Walking Dead Chat (Spoilers!)


I was saying to someone today that it had been a long time since anyone even got bit on the show.


Saw this on reddit. Spoiler alert for those not up on the current comic arcs.

Do you think the bite coming from a Whisperer and Carl surviving would be better or worse?


The best part of the show was when Rick asked Negan if he ever shut up. Rick was the voice of the audience for a moment. I don’t get why they aren’t smart enough to set someone out as a sniper and wait for those idiots to start their Hamlet-esque soliloquy and pick their asses off. Not to mention the get caught in the same traps over and over and over again. This isn’t all out war, this is a slap fight between two teenage girls.

I think they did Carl’s demise the way they did because people are checking out of the filler episodes, so they throw this lame shock ending together to make people feel like something actually happens in those filler episodes leading to the finales.


Yet all they did was piss more people off.


They have so many other characters they could of “shocked” us with. While we all found Carl annoying, his presence is pivotal on the show. Rick wants to provide a safe environment for his kids. They took that away by killing off Carl because Judith isn’t really his kid.


Very well said from a review I was reading.

But it doesn’t work. For one thing, there’s not enough story here to fill eight episodes. If I had to guess, I’d say the writers started knowing they needed to have a big opening at the premiere and a big cliffhanger for mid-season and then went to work filling in the rest, because this structure reeks of stalling. The single biggest flaw of the season so far, the reason that so much of tonight’s episode feels like wading through mildly poisonous tapioca, is time. There’s too damn much of it. Individual scenes can be haunting or creepy or even effectively funny, but all that dead air—all those goofy dramatic extreme close-ups and endless, circular conversations—robs entire hours of energy and purpose.


Actually overall this review is a good read and brings up some great points.


One more thing about this that bothered me:

They played this episode as Maggie’s breaking point. Really? Her husband getting bashed to the point of being a mumbling mess before Negan puts him out of his misery doesn’t get Maggie to this point, but some random reject from ZZ Top’s death does?



I still don’t believe Carl will die. It’s a red herring. Prepare for the next enemy.


Yep, I still think it was a Whisperer that bit him in that little fracas


I think you could be right. There was an episode that made me think of that also. When Carl is at the gas station scavenging gas he looks in window of car at dead walker sitting in drivers seat. After he moves on the camera stays lingering on the walker like there is some importance, perhaps a Whisperer?


I also think all the hoopla with Carl’s real life dad is just bait. As annoying as that character is, he’s the whole reason Rick is doing what he’s doing. Killing him off throws off the whole premise of the show.

That said, maybe the showrunner is a complete idiot and thinks it’d be a “cool shocking death”.


I still will watch but am not even excited about the season starting, more dread of me getting frustrated week by week again.


So, Lauren Cohan (Maggie) just signed a deal with ABC to be one of the leads in a new pilot. Bargaining chip or sign she’s leaving?


I’m not even excited for this show anymore.


This is exactly a discussion I had when covering a class yesterday on how the Internet can hurt with that instant information. Contracts of actors being reported spoils so many shows and movie franchises.


Depends. Can she shoot TWD in the off season? Also, how much longer is TWD planned to run. For some reason I thought it was wrapping up as a series soon (a year or two).


From what I read earlier, her contract is up after this season. TWD seems to take about 8 months to film a season - at least that’s what they’ve said before in interviews, so I’m not sure she could have this role and a lead in another series that takes 6-8 months to film.


It’d be crazy to lose Maggie and Carl as both are major characters in the still ongoing comic books.


I’m not too thrilled with the killing off of Carl as Kirkman himself said the Walking Dead was Carl’s story. Not that Carl is my favorite character but he is the center of the comics and like Lala said he is the reason behind all of Rick’s decisions. If they decide to kill off Maggie as well, it is going to throw the Hilltop arc off as well.

Meanwhile Daryl has been occupying what would eventually become Dwight’s spot forever. If they had wanted to give a truly shocking death, they would kill off Daryl, but then the ratings would instantly drop.