Video Game Awards

So i have these going on while i watch Detroit destroy the packers (so far) and fucking around in Just Cause 3…

Is That SCARY SPICE!!! LOL… I can’t wait for this game,

Shaq-Fu… The legend Continues, (and nobody cares)

Tell Tale games is going to make a batman game… im sure it’ll be like their other ones. might be pretty awesome. Walking dead games are good.

chick from ubisoft with a sexy voice gets on stage and presents new trailer for Farcry Primal.
Trailer shows dude controlling animals A La beastmaster, Bears, wolves, Tigers… pretty cool.

Greg Miller wins an award for trending gamer??? i dunno… but his speech was really good. He thanked everyone that makes games…all the people we dont know at the end when we beat a game… neat.


Somebody is pushing Elder Scrolls… this is like the 4th time somebody has mentioned it or been interviewed about it… they are prolly gonna announce an expac or something.

That Reggie guy from nintendo makes a speech about the passing of Iwata and Ben Harper perorms a song in his honor.

New Quantum Break Trailer. Pretty Jealous of this game. Hope it works out for Xbone.

ummmmmm so what i thought was a joke… is a real thing… Rock Band VR on Oculus Rift… WTF?

Lara Croft’s next challenge will be coming from the realm of creepy old fairytales. The Baba Yaga: Season of the Witch DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider comes out next month.

Shadow Complex, one of the coolest downloadable games ever… Is Remastered. AND ITS ON PS4!!! Release date is early 2016. Can download on PC for free at

YEARS LATER WestWood Studios gets a reward, Industry Icon, for Creating the RTS genre which lead to blizzards games and Leage of Legends.

Oh SHIT!!! Rocket League on XBOX ONE Feb 2016. And they get cool Cars!!! @Disneynut68 finally got his wish.

Ummmm. Halot just got a whole lot better!!

Luke Skywalker himself is on stage promoting… Ah, presenting best action adventure game. Oh… he’s promoting Star Citizen too… even gives a little dig by saying "when it FINALLY comes out."
Oh shit, he used the Jokers Voice… AWESOME

So who has a rig that will play with me in 2025??

WOW Kojima Was told by a Lawyer he wasn’t allowed to travel to the Show to accept his reward for best action game for MGS V. Thats fucked up!!
"Metal Gear designer Hideo Kojima was apparently not allowed to attend tonight’s Game Awards, per an announcement by host Geoff Keighley. A lawyer for Konami reportedly barred Kojima from attending, nor accept his awards. The Phantom Pain’s Kiefer Sutherland accepted one of Metal Gear’s awards on his behalf. When the news was revealed, the audience boo’d in protest."

New Walking Dead Telltale Game from Machones Perspective. These are supposed to be amazing, never played one myself.

Ummmmm so CD Project Red won Game of the year for Witcher 3… =shrugs=

Uncharted 4 AND sequel for Psychonauts? I just splooged…big time.

IMO this show should be in January of the next year. FO4 and JC3 were not out long enough to really be considerations.

Fallout was a consideration. .

Mario maker
Mgs v
And something else…

So odd for witcher to win. They said it was by fans so it was probably a time thing

That is my whole point. Yes it was a consideration, but if fans are voting and a shit load won’t even play it till Christmas how is it fair.

yeah, and i dunno who really votes for these things… i didnt…