Update on my life and excuses for being absent

A little update on me and excuses on why ive been absent. Ive had a busy last two months my wife was fired for her pregnancy sickness about two months ago so i had to pick up a second job and keepimg a very busy schedule with that. And its been like that up until last friday when we had our child a healthy baby boy at 5lbs 11oz and 18 1/2 inches long. Witch has been the highlight of a dreary non-ending 9 months. Were home and have been for a couple of days now babys doing good and i go back to work this monday so i should be able to start appearimg on monday nights-wensday nights regularly amd some appearances on the weekends. Although i am off the rest of the week so lets grab some drinks and get some games goin cause im itchin!


What now. I hope there is more to this story as that sounds so very wrong.


Nope its as it was written she missed too many days for being sick while pregnant and thats exactly what they told her when they fired her was for her poor attendance due to her sickness

We have thought about trying to sue the place of buisness but it is a lot of loops to junp through and she didnt want to get involved in all that so we just said fuck em and kept going

Congratulations! Is this your first?

Grats on the kiddo!

Yep This is my first kid and im excited that hes a boy

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You still have the best Avatar

Thanks i just stumbled upon it whem looking for an avatar pic on google

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Parenthood is a new life achievement in and of itself!

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Congrats! Now that you have the kid, I’d honestly look at suing the former employer. Even if it’s just getting a lawyers opinion on it. That’s totally not legal. (pretty sure, I’m not a lawyer and more of a drunk)


Total drunk!

Point being???

Lol… Point made!

Yeah i hear you. Congrats on the kid. You will sure have your hands full. I can understand not wanting the additional stress and cost.

Sorry to hear about the job situation.

Congrats on the kid!

some of the best crazy times ahead, grats on the baby…no worries, thanx for keeping us in the loop and I hear ya on the Fuck’em pov…sometimes moving on is worth the lack of stress…that said imho that shit is waaaaay wrong

Yes it was definetly wrong of them and kinda fucked up cause she worked there for almost 8 years so for them to just throw her under the bus like that shows what kind of company they are. And i have gotten several lawyers opinions on the situation and since they’re a nursing home they’re a state agency so we would halfto petition an investigation with our states attourney general let them do the investigation and if theu find it in our favor then we can sue but like i said its way too many hoops to jump through and ive had about enough circus fun for now lol